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Kitten biting

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Shadow is still small and learning i know .. but at bed time some times she gets all hyper and will start pouncing around and playing .. and she will some times sneak up on my face and nip at my cheek or sneak up on my hand and take a nip .. it doesn't hurt now but i can just imagine a full grown cat doing that and then i would be going

This is when i am in bed and laying down to go to sleep so i do not want to move some where else .. so i saw OWWIE .. push her away and give her her teddy bear to rough house with .. usually this takes 3 times before she gets it or gets tired and zonks out .. If it continues past 3 times i start putting her on the floor .. since she really has to work on getting back into the bed it takes her a while. A few times while Luna was in bed with me i have given her to him and she would start rough housing and biting him and he would put her straight ... some times she will catch him stareing at her when shes being bad and behave as well .. i hope he will help teach her more as well

Anyone know a better way to stop the biting .. if it doesn't stop i will have to figure a way so she can't get on the bed .. although i really don't want to have to do that since she still has her night terrors .. and wants to snuggle close once she's had them.. and Luna usually sleeps with us too so she some times lays with himif shes had a bad dream.
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Ohh and also i try to refrain from picking her up as often ... even when she wants to .. i don't always pick her up .. so that she will have more interaction time with the cats .. expecially Luna .. so that she can learn from him .. and rough house and play.

Luna would make such a good mother if he wasnt a boy *LOL*
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Welcome to the site...first...I would suggest you do a quick search. Towards the top of the screen you should see a drop down button that says "search" (you have to be at the top of your post). Hit that button and you will see a blank box which you can type a search word...I would suggest you type "biting". Hit the go button and it will search for all posts that have reference to "biting" in them. Read those posts to see if they help you. You can even refine the search to "biting feet" or "biting at night". I have found lots of useful information using the search option.

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Here's the most comprehensive thread on the topic:


I'm fostering a deaf kitten that is the king of play biting. A simple no or noise to startle him obviously doesn't work. I first tried the "mom-scruff" and removal (he bit harder), then tried the blow in his face (he ignored me). I finally settled on a lite tap (and I mean lite tap) on his nose followed by my NO signal for him and a brief time out. After 24 hours, he rarely does it anymore to me, although he still does it to my husband who hasn't worked with him as much.

Try all the ideas in the thread - you'll find one that will work for you and everyone in your household needs to do it consistently.
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thank you both * nods* I will do that
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