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Could i ask for your prayers?

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I had an e-mail from my friend Emma(The vet nurse),who said they had been handed in a kitten approx 12-14 weeks old who had been hit by a car, who the staff have named 'Summer'.

Summer has been x-rayed all over and they have found she has a fracture on one leg, a snapped femur, and the head of the tibia has also snapped off.

Because of this they may have to amputate one of her legs, and she may suffer from bladder problems as her bladder was ruptered

Summer is on strong painkillers at the moment until the vet has another look at her. One of Emmas vets is a top orthopedic surgeon in the North East of England, and he is going to have a look at how she is today then decide what has to be done.

I know no one knows Emma, but she's truly dedicated to her job as a vet nurse, and has 5 cats of her own that she rescued, one with brain damage

If everyone could say a small pray to help this little one through i'd be grateful

She said she's the double of Rosie as well
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I have just prayed for summer. Please keep us updated on her progress, Susan. God bless your friend Emma.
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Thanks Stephanie i will. I've asked her to mail me tonight when she gets home.
I hate bad news like this
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With all of our prayers, maybe Emma will have some good news tonight!
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I am going to keep Summer in my thoughts and prayers Please let us know as soon as you hear from Emma on how she is doing.
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Susan - let Emma & Summer know that love and healthy vibes are being sent from across the ocean for her!! praying for good news when you get the email - please keep us updated.
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Oh no! Summer is in my thoughts! I hope she recovers fast!
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Fingers crossed for good news. ((((( Summer )))))
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My prayers and blessings for Emma and her wonderful friend Susan, just went out on this AMs FEDEX...XXX000
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Poor babycat! I hope Summer comes through her trauma well. I'll send a prayer for her and Emma. What a wonderful lady she must be to take such an interest in her little patients.
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I can promise you a couple of prayers throughout my day. I truly admire your friend Emma. I love how dedicated she is to her job as well as how dedicated you are to your friend. God bless you both and especially Summer. You'll all be in my prayers.

God Bless,
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praying for summer tonight... sending her lots of healing vibes... do keep us updated..
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Susan how sad. I am praying for Summer, please tell Emma we are all praying for her too. Will look out to see how little Summer gets on.
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Praying for summer today...

please tell us how it goes.
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I am praying for both Emma and Summer. It is excellent that there can be people in this world who will work so hard to save a life.
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OMG how sad . I hope the kitten will be ok

I will say a prayer for this kitten
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Summer is in my thoughts and prayers. Sending all the healing vibes I can for her.
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Prayers said for Summer here, wishing her full recovery and no bladder problems.
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Oh heart and prayers are with the kitten. I wish I could hold the little sweethearts paw and tell him/her that everything will be ok. Please keep us updated. Your friend must be a wonderful person.....
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Sending many prayers to Summer!
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Emma knows how i come on to TCS and i told her that people on the site would be praying for little Summer. She e-mailed to say ' Wow, peoples thoughts have had some effect!!' (I knew they would though ).

All the nurses are under strict orders by the vet that Summer must not come out of her cage!.

She is passing urine with no blood, so they are so pleased with that

The vet has promised Emma and the rest of the nurses that he will try his best to fix her, but wants her to have complete rest and recoup a little longer before he does anything.

Emma said it's sounds awful leaving a kitten with a floppy broken leg, but she is confined and is on strong pain relief.

Emma said we should have called her miracle after what happened to her.

The owners went to the surgery to have everything explained to them and what the costs would be, needless to say they haven't been in touch since, and the telephone number they left was a false one . Emma and the rest of the staff at the surgery were furious at this, but pleased in another way in case she wasn't looked after properly.

Either way Emmas surgery are going to operate on wednesday and little Summer will be put up for adoption on saturday where they will make sure the new owners are genuine

Thanks again everyone, i knew i could count on you all
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This is wonderful, Susan! Now Summer will not only is on the road to recovery, she will also have the family she deserves that will give her the love and care that she needs! Shame on those other people who abandoned her It's their loss, they didn't deserve little miracle Summer. Please keep us updated on her progress!
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Miracle baby Summer is so lucky to have a dedicated vet team working for her. Some people would give up on a cat hurt that bad, but Summer deserves a chance at life. She is in my prayers too. Emma and her coworkers are heroes and Summer is so fortunate to have them.

At least those people who abandoned Summer brought her to the right place.
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Yay!!! I'm so glad she's doing better, fingers crossed for tomorrow
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Still praying for little Summer Susan. She must be a brave little thing.
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Keeping Summer in my thoughts. I'm sending good vibes for a successful and uneventful surgery and a great home.

Fingers and paws crossed here.

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Praying for the little sweetheart!
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