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Please Help!!!

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we are a family of three (mother, brother and myself), and we got a male cat 6 days ago. It's an ordinary cat (much like street cats), about 9 months old, and he has been a house cat all his life. His previous owner was a friend who had to move back in with her mother, and her mother is alergic to cats (I think so). Anyway, the friend had to let the cat go, so we decided to take him. At first, he wouldn't eat for 2 days (someone told me it was the period of adjustment, and it was quite normal), then it was all fine. He gave us trouble only the first night, he meowed (I'm not sure I spelled that correctly), but at 2 AM he fell asleep. He usually slept during the day, was a bit hiperactive in the mornings and in the evenings, but slept through the night. The problem began last night. All of a sudden, he started to meow, about midnight, and he meowed all through the night! We slept only for a couple of hours. We tried everything - ignoring him, playing with him, trying to calm him down, but whatever we did, nothing helped! As we tired to get near him, he started to bite! That continued this morning... It's 10:20 AM, he is asleep now. I simply don't know what to do. How to make him sleep at night, and not during the day? How to play with him, without him losing interest after 2 minutes? This is all especially weird, since my friend told me that he was a really calm cat (which I seriously start to doubt)... and now he is quite the opposite....

Please help..
Thank you!!!!
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QT originally belonged to my sister. She emigrated to Canada so I took QT in. First of all, my sister gave me all QT's toys, food dish, litter box and an old used t-shirt for QT's bed. I spent my free time with QT, played with her, fed her, talked to her and in time she accepted me and her new home (threw away my sis t-shirt). The point is, your newcomer seems really lost in his new home. Try to confine him somewhere and don't pressure him to run around loose in the house. You must be patient. Talk to him gently when he meows,(I think this is his way of saying he is uncomfortable with all things new), when you feed him, when you play with him, and in time he will adjust and accept you as his new mommy. I repeat, be patient! Good luck!!
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Is he neutered? If not, I would get him neutered ASAP. His hormones will be raging, and may be causing his behaviour.
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Originally Posted by Kumbulu
Is he neutered? If not, I would get him neutered ASAP. His hormones will be raging, and may be causing his behaviour.
You need to get him fixed.
He is at about that age when he would want to find a female cat and I think that loud screaming is how they go about looking for a female.
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