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Cat rescued within seconds of abandonment

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Let me be honest, I haven't the foggiest idea as to what I can do about this kitten. I know I gotta take it to the vet, but its late and will have to wait 'til tomorrow.

I don't even know how old it is, and I haven't a clue about what to do for it in the mean time.

This kitten is about 9.5 inches long from nose to rump. Has solid black fur and bright blue eyes. When it was awake, it mewled with a baby's vigor. It seems to be fairly healthy, but I'm no vet. Its claws are about 1 mm wide and fairly sharp, and it has its canines and the small teeth in between.

I can't imagine this kitten weighing more than 32 oz., but I'm nervous to wake it up and measure it.

I wish I could keep it, but it seems unlikely, so all I can do is take care of it for now. Gimme advice.
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Can you tell me some more about him? Where did you get him, what kind of shape is he in? is he skinny? plump in the belly- is he eating, drinking? moving around?

You can go to www.kitten-rescue-com that is generally for orphaned and fairly newborn kittens, but it has information about kitten care period.
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Welcome to TCS.

I don't ususally measure the length of my kittens, I go by weight but going by your measurement and brief description, I would guess this kitten is around 6-7 weeks old. If you can give us a bit more information, as hissy said, we may be able to give you more specific advice.
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As far as I can tell, the kitten does not have the "equipment" to be male. She is also the second black cat that has ever come into my possession. The first was a male that we named Ninja. Her name is Kuno-ichi, Kuno for short.

Anyway, she actually weighs 14 oz. Her belly is somewhat plump, but she otherwise feels very thin--something I noticed that is fairly common in healthy cats. This morning, at 0600 hr, I went to buy some kitten food, grabbing a bag of Iam's solid and a can of Iam's kitten food. I served up about 1/5 of the can, and Kuno ate 90% of it. However, she's not keen on the water, I think it's too cold even at room temperature. I don't give her tap water, like me, she gets bottled water.

When she's awake, she's fairly playful. She enjoys climbing around and mewls loudly. When I am playing with her, she mewls and looks at me. When I leave, I can hear her mewl, and when I return we play Marco Polo. She has found a nice spot that's warm, on top of the VCR, behind the DVD player.
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If she was out in the world when you found her, she needs to go to a vet. That plumpness could very well be a parasitic invasion. It is a good thing to get her checked anyway. Here when I bring in an orphaned kitten to my vet, he does a flea treatment at no charge, and she probably has fleas, maybe even ear mites.

If you go to the website and look up feeding a kitten find that recipe for Kitten Glop and make up a batch and feed her that in small amounts about 5 times a day-

Is she pooping and peeing okay? If not, let the vet know any concerns you may have about her and he will check her out for you.
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