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A Funny Cat Story...An UNgraceful Moment!

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OK, everyone knows how graceful and regal most cats are, right? Well, my tuxedo Socrates is as regal as they come He's one of these cats that say "Don't touch the fur unless I want you to".

Well, this one day I had my LR window open and both boys were sitting up on the wooden shelf next to the window, looking thru the screen at the birds and squirrals. Then a squirral came by close to the window and Socrates AND Tiger 'stand' up and put their hands (Yes, I call the front paws their hands and the back their feet) on the screen. Well, I was watching tv and heard this noise and I looked over just in time to see their combined weight push the screen out. Well, Tiger sprang away and landed on all 4's on the couch, but Socrates, as UNgraceful as you please went right out with the screen.

Don't worry, I live in a 1 story apt. and the ground was only 2 feet away. But, there's nothing as hilarious as looking over and seeing the ass-end of your cat sticking up in the air as he tumbles out with the screen.

I was laughing so hard I couldn't stand up and when I looked out the window he was just standing there with those cockeyed ears that cats get when they're ungraceful, looking up at me as if to say "What? I meant to do that!".

Well, to say the least, I pulled Socs in, put the screen in and told both of them that they were on a diet affective immediately.

OK, time for 1 more. When I had a roomate his daughter would come over on Saturday nights. Well, after her bath she went to bed, but the tub was still full of water and her rubber ducky floating around. Well, again, I was in the living room watching tv and heard this KASPLOOSH! And here comes Tiger hauling butt out of the bathroom, half wet because he tried to catch the rubber duck. Again, I was laughing so hard I could barely get a towel to dry my wet cat off.

I love cats. They provide me with so many smiles and an occassional belly-buster and there's NOTHING better to me than pulling up late at night from work and the boys will hear the car and jump into the window (The same one Socs fell out of) and MEOW at me as if to say "Dads Home....Foooood!"! They make even a bad day not seem so bad. Can you tell I love my boys?
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Awwwwwww....your stories made me laugh! You were talking of how your cat fell into the tub (rubber ducky and all) reminded me off a few weeks ago...when I found dirty foot prints on my toilet...and discovered that Merlin had fell in...then tried to get back out....poor guy...I might have been mad if I wasn't laughing so hard!!!!!
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This is why I keep adding to my household. Each of them are so very different and I think they have all done something really stupid...(oops I meant funny). I think my favorite would be the time my 22lb guy stuck his head in an empty 24 pack pepsi box...he was on the dryer and once he got his head in, he couldnt get it out..he jumped off the dryer and proceeded to run through the house until I could catch him to take it off... I wouldnt trade any of my cats for all the gold in the world!
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Oh Sandie! that was such a funny story about your cat!!!! Thanks for the laugh! And yes, they all have such distinct, sweet personalities that it is way to hard to ever be mad at them for very long!
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They ALL do, indeed, have unique personalities, just as people do. Many share characteristics, but I have yet to meet any 2 cats that have the samew personalities. And expression! Is it just me, or have you ever seen your cats smile! They have such expressful faces! Isn't it great!
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Those stories had me laughing and remembering a few of my cats' bloopers. Here's one: I was cleaning my fish tank and had taken the lid completely off. (I had a very large Fire Mouth). Precious usually jumps up onto the tank to get on top of the speaker to lay down. I had turned away to get something and as I was turning back around there was a splash. She didn't know I had the lid off and jumped right into the tank. Head, tail and all. That was the funniest site I ever saw. Surprised the fish too!
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Ha ha - thanks for the laughs!
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This is a great way to share stories. I love to hear what all these cats do. I know about the smiling. I have seen a few of my cats smile. However there is the occasional time, and I mean no offense to anyone...that they seem to be mentally flipping me off!!
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HaHa Sandie, I know exactly what you mean, there!
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