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Georgia Feral Male Needs Home/Barn

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I'm searching for a good home in Georgia to put a feral male cat. He was hanging around my family's neighborhood and got trapped. While he was awaiting pickup for euthanasia, I took him instead. I just couldn't stand it. He has already been tested (negative), had all his shots, and to his displeasure.. he's now neutered. He is being boarded at my vet right now.

My vet agrees he's Feral with a capital "F". He literally climbed the exam room walls. Otherwise, I'd certainly be willing to add him to my 3 cats and 1 dog. But I can't keep him outside as I live in downtown Atlanta and there's a ton of traffic all around my house. There are 2 feral colonies close by but I found one of the caregivers and they're concerned about the colonies being trapped and euthanised...so that's not a better place for him. Plus, there's the traffic.

So, I'm posting hoping to find some place for him. I will drive him anywhere in Georgia and I'm willing to donate towards his food. The reality of what I have done is setting in about now. I've got a feral cat and no place but my vet to put him. If anyone can help in any way I'd certainly be grateful. Thanks!
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That's very good of you to do that and try and help him out. I'd offer my friend's barn, but I haven't asked her yet. They already have one unneutered male and one neutered female. The two hang out in and around the barn. The male is very friendly with people and he'd probably be territorial with another cat. The female is practically feral herself. But they are fed wet food every night, have dry food down during the day, and the vet sees them for a checkup and shots when he comes out for the horses anyway.

I don't mean to get your hopes up. I will ask. I doubt she'll agree, but maybe.
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Thank you for asking them, regardless of the outcome. I'm calling everyone I know today!
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Well, I found him a home. Someone suggested calling barns and stables so I did. He'll be staying at a Stable here in Atlanta. Thank you for all the help and suggestions I read here! You have helped me find a home for this beautiful white cat!
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Sounds like a good outcome, thanks for taking the time and spending the money to get him neutered, tested, and shots!
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Marie...that's great!! Thanks for finding this boy a new home!

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Thanks for the support!

He's in a large dog carrier right now and he's sleeping in my kitchen (in the litter box, of course!). We'll drive to the stable tonight. He has already calmed down quite a bit. He walked from one carrier to a larger one without trying to escape at all. He looks at me without getting upset. It's almost as though he knows I'm trying to help him.

He has long white hair, the most beautiful light blue eyes, and orange tabby arms and a bit of tabby on his face. He's a really cute mix! He even lets me put my hands in to add food and water without getting upset. I predict, now that he's neutered, that he'll calm down quite a bit in the future. He seems like a really nice little guy! Anyway, I'm very happy that he has a bright future ahead of him now! Again, thanks for all the ideas! I wouldn't have thought to call stables on my own
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