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Kitten food

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I haven't actually gotten a kitten yet, but in a week I'm going to have one (he will be about 11 wks. old) and I was wondering if I should feed him dry food or wet food. Or both. I would appreciate any advice on this.
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At 11 weeks, I would feed him canned food and dry food moistened with chicken broth or water. You can also look into Royal Canin's BabyKat 34 which is small kibble that is designed for tiny mouths and put a litttle of that out dry as well-
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Hi Cala,

I would feed both...just be sure your dry food is a good quality (like the brand Hissy recommended) kitten food as kitten food has a higher protein content then food formulated for adult cats...though there are also brands that claim their food is formulted and appropriate for both kittens and adults.

Good overall brands of dry cat foods include Royal Canin, Nutro and this is a good thread on cat foods which will introduce you to a number of brand names.

Best wishes with your new kitten!
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I've bought a brand called Special Kitty which seems to be suitable for both adult cats and little kitties. Some other questions: how many times per day should I feed him? Should I feed the canned food at a different time than the moistened dry food?
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Hi Cala,

Well I[m not the kitten specialist and I hope she'll chime in, but from when I did raise kittens, I would have the dry kitten food out 24/7, and give wet food two to three times per day - pulling the wet food up and discarding the uneaten portion after 20-30 minutes.
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Cala, Pat has it correct. At first, while he is getting used to his new surroundings, leave the wet food down for a good 2-3 hours to give him a chance to eat a little and come back for more a bit later. The wet food is best given first thing in the morning and just before bed. This will fill his little tummy and give you both a good night's sleep. Be sure to play vigorously with him just before bed as well, as this tires him out and he expends all his kitten energy.
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Special Kitty is Walmart's private label cat food. I know it may say that it's suitable for all ages but please consider buying kitten dry food as the other food may not have enough vitamins and nutrients for a growing kitten.
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Okay, so, canned foods in the mornings and evenings, dry food out 24/7. Would this mean that I'm feeding the kitten 3 times a day?
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Just a difference of opinion...having had kittens who developed diarrhea when in warmer weather I left their wet food out for them to have plenty of time to eat it, and because of my being a retired RN with a bugaboo about bugs in spoiling food, I do not leave wet food out for more than 30 minutes. If a kitten/cat is hungry, they will chow down and are usually done within that time period.

Just my 2 cents,

and yes, I'd suggest if you can, 3 times a day with the wet food...pre going to work, once you get home, and before your bedtime.
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