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Bentleys car ride

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He is always running to the window when i leave and meowing at me as i leave and sometimes he is still there when i come home to make me feel guilty for not taking him with me. So last night i had to pick up my son and took him with me. Well he loved it. He didnt meow like a nut or run around the car, just sat there and looked out the window. I will not take him when i have short trips and dont have to leave him in the car alone.
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That's cool A car riding loving kitty I wish mine enjoyed car rides they just want to meow and look terrified.
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Dori is ok i the car as long as she is in her carrier. I don't take her in the car unless it is necessary, like vet visits because she just isn't comfortable. My friend used to be able to take Ashlyn, Dori's sister for car rides and Ashlyn would ride on her shoulder.
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I'm not surprised, his name is Bentley after all..now you better get him one..with the chaufeur!
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What fun, Bentley!
Sierra doesn't care one bit for a road trip. She cries almost the entire time.
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Both my boys enjoy car rides, but they ride in their cat carriers. I've been taking them over to my parent's house every weekend since I got them so they're used to it.
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My Trixie and Tiggy don't mind the car rides, but Petals voices her opinion very loudly about the whole thing...........
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I'm going to have to train my new kitten at a very young age to like car rides. After all he's going to be around cars his whole life.
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