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THAT was beyond glorious!

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Since it is cooling off this evening, I opened up the pasture and took Racer out to see what he can do. After his founder episode, I was hesitant to exercise him but the vet was out on Friday and said "It's time!"

I opened him up and he flew! He galloped up and down the pasture several times, full throttle living up to his name Race-The-Moon!

For a horse that less than 8 months ago could barely walk- he has recovered in fine style! Then I let Trav in with him and just played tag in and out of the trees.

Afterwards they got a good spray off the hose and a good wipe down, to which they promptly both went and rolled in the dirt........LOL

It was heartwarming to watch him run and see him enjoying living yet again.
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That's wonderful news MA I know you work really hard to nurse him back to health. Kudos to you and Racer
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That is such wonderful news, I am so happy for Racer and for you and Mike
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Wonderful news MA! I am so happy for you and Racer. It must have been an amazing feeling to watch him run and play
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OMG M.A. , I am in tears of joy reading this Go Racer go

I am so happy
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MA, that's great news!
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FAntastic news for both you and Racer! must have made your heart soar!
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This has really made my day! So good to hear!
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That is terrific news, MA! So wonderful to see him back to his old self -- your heart must be bursting!
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That's so wonderful, MA! You must be overjoyed!
Hurray, Racer!
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Praise the Lord! That's fabulous to hear MA!!!! I bet that boy's spirit has just lifted 1000ft!!
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Wonderful news about Racer Mary Anne. He must be feeling so good now after that run, and it must have been beautiful to watch him after all he's been through.
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That's wonderful news! I'm so happy!
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OMG! What incredibly good news!

Woo Hoo!!!!
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LOL Renae- you crack me up!
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How absolutely wonderful...go Racer go!
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That's extremely good news. Way to go, M.A. and Racer!
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Can you imagine the feeling of exhilaration that Racer must have felt? You are just too wonderful for words MA.
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How lovely! I just read this thread and tried to get up to date w/what had happened to your Racer! I bet it was very moving (no pun intended), just grand.
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