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cat grass

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I got tired of buying cat grass from Petco because even following directions of watering and refrigerating it never lasts long. So I grew some myself. I have 1 cat who could car less, but she goes outside and likely eats it there, my inside cat nibbles at it but does not seem to really eat it because it is still as tall as it was, should I be chopping it down shorter for her?, she does seem interested.Also should I be refrigerating it also from time to time? Linda
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I buy the kind at Petco that is already grown..it's about 4/5 inches tall. I snip it into Franz and Maddie's food. Franz chomps at the plant once in awhile, but he is missing some teeth, so it's a wee bit difficult. Maddie just carries the pot around the house, trying out new decorating ideas. So far she hasn't come up with a spot that suits her cat fancy. Thank goodness, she likes where the couch is.
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I wish I could get my cats to eat that stuff, because it would be healthier for them. I've tried, but apparently they prefer the stuff outside . I had the kind from Walmart that you have to grow yourself. None of them even touched it.
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