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Photobucket question and help

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I don't have a digital camera...took lots of pics of Franz and Maddie today with a 35mm. When I bring them to be developed, I want to put them on CD-ROM. Will photobucket allow me to download from CD-ROM. If not, what service will? Also, when I have the pics developed can I ask them to remove any red eye.. does it work?. Everyone's eyes were fully dialated during the photoshoot, guess they knew they were working for free and were pissed! I am a true novice at this HELP!
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You can either transfer the pictures from your CD to your computer and upload them from there, or I'm sure you can upload them straight from the CD. Photobucket is really easy to use.

I use Photoshop to get rid of red eye.. but I'm not very good at it.
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as with what Sicy said...

yes you can upload straight from the CD

I dont know if they can tone down the red eye as its on 35mm film - but once its on CD you can play around with it on photo-editing software (let me know if you want any help with this)
Spotz is usually good with photo questions like this - maybe he will be able to tell you whether the lab can reduce it off 35mm

cant wait to see some photos
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By personal opinion I really don't think photobucket is a good site if you care about quality of your image (but this is coming from a picky picky artist soo ;p)

While photobucket is easier.. http://www.Shutterfly.com I believe fixes red eye and it makes uploading tons easier (you just have to download one small thing) and it will crop or add certain things. I never played with it much since I don't really deal with digital photos.. but all my friends use it so I say try it out
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