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Hissing Problem

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I have a kitty cat (actually he is 3 years old now) that I originally broght home from the local shelter. He was only 5 weeks old. Even at that age, he was agressive to other animals. I figured he was so agressive due to possibly having problems when he was with his mommy (she was killed but not told how...maybe another animal??) As he has grown he has gotten worse. He is nuetered and very loving to me, however, he has even begun to hiss at people. He still goes berserk at other animals, cats in particular but if he is not allowed to go the stranger, he will hiss at them. I realize this is probably due to fear on his part and tell everyone to just let him come to them and to just ignore him for while until he is comfortable with them. I have a male friend that he is friendly with mostly but at times, my cat will for no known (to us at least) reason, hiss at him. What could be the problem? A stray (male) cat came to my door and I hand carried it to the yard and when Spooner (he is an indoor cat) smelled the strange cat on me, he hissed and I thought he was going to attack me. I quickly got scent of other cat off me. How can I help him? Thanks.
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Cats hiss for a variety of reasons, generally to indicate that they are not happy and a clear signal of "STAY AWAY!!".

The people that he hisses at. Are these visitors to your home? Unfamiliar scents, particularly of other animals may be viewed as a threat. Spooner could be responding from his fear due to his traumatic start into the world. Also, these people are not part of Spooner's normal routine and environment. Definitely tell your visitors to ignore Spooner and let Spooner approach them, not the other way around. Spooner sounds like he is a tad skittish and needs time to adjust to change. My female cat Esper tends to watch from afar before approaching visitors, and that's the way I keep it. I don't allow visitors to approach my cats and I do explain why.

A scent of another cat simply reads "Invasion of MY Territory!" And this will inevitably envoke hissing. If you do come in contact with another animal, wash your hands before coming in contact with Spooner. This not only removes a cause of stress but also prevents transmission of disease and pests.

It's not only dogs that have a keen sense of smell. Cats do as well. It may seem that Spooner may hiss for no reason, but he may have smelt something that you cannot.
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It sounds he is being very territorial with you and his home. You are his alpha cat and he is defending intruders in case they hurt you or try and take away your top-cat status in his eyes. You might want to try a Comfort Zone plug-in. You can read about it here.
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Hey thanks Kumbula. I went to link and wrote down number to call in morning about Comfort Zone. You know, you make really good sense as to why the hissing. He DOES seem to be very territorial. A person was in here (a friend's friend that was drunk and although harmless, obnoxious) came in here and before I could get them out (I have had enough of that nonsense in my life!), Spooner kept running at him, hissing and running away. Now that you said that, I think he may have thought I was in "danger" and he was making way for me to escape? Wow, makes me love him more (if possible).
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Thanks for the info. I LOVE this board. I can get help on anything to help my boy and learn more about him, his needs -- both physically and emotionally. I was especially interested to know about diseases and such can be transmitted just by my bringing in on my body from another cat. There are several kitties in neighborhood and they tend to congregate at my door and it really upsets Spooner so I try to gently take them to the back of the yard so they might find another "congregating area." Thanks for tip. I know I probably seem like a total novice but glad you all are here to help me successfully care for the little boy that has stolen my heart and holds it in his little paws!

PS...I have for years and years dreamed of a trip to Australia or Ireland. Were you born and raised in Australia?
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I'm not sure who you're talking to as Mags and I are both in Australia LOL. I was born in Victoria, Aus and moved to Western Australia when I was 15.

Are you an Aussie Mags?
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Actually both of you. Do you live close by each other (relatively?)

Is the weather where you are as hot as it is here? I don't think it can make up its mind here...one day hot, next day cool enough to need longer pants. But there is saying here, if you don't like weather, stick around...it will change! Actually, have lived in Ohio for many many years and although born in Virginia (which I have a special love for too...especially the mountains) and lived there until about 12 years of age, I think of Ohio as my home and am pretty proud of it! Hopefuly I won't insult you intelligence here but... but Virginia is in the southern part of US and Ohio is more north.
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