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Puffy fell from the second story banister!

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I have a two story house where the living room is open all the way to the second floor ceiling. I have an open staircase that goes up with banisters and railings. The cats love to play upstairs on these banisters. Puffy (3.5 months old) was playing up there the other day, and Doug and I were watching TV. Doug says "That cat's going to fall and die one of these days." What do you know, not two minutes later, Puffy slipped, fell, landed on his feet, shook himself off, and looked at us like, "You know, I did that on purpose." Then he calmly walked off into the other room. Cats!
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Oh my goodness!!!! I'm so glad Puffy is okay! You two must have freaked when Puffy fell. Whew!
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My cat did that once at my friend's house. She has a loft in her condo. He just walked through the railing and fell. And he too had that stupid look on his face like "I meant to do that". Cats are weird. And he did land on his feet too.
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Puffy is a very lucky little fellow!I am so glad that he is ok. Years ago I lived in a second story apartment. Fall had come, and the windows were closed. When indian summer arrived and along with it some days of hot sticky fall weather, I decided to open the bedroom window to enjoy the night air. I forgot that I had already removed the screen from that window, and my only cat, at the time, Rusty took a giant step out the window. He, too, was ok...but until I held him in my arms and made sure all his limbs still worked, I was a mess!
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Dawn I,m glad Puffy is alright,they do say cats have nine lives,I think they have alot more my Felix has been in a few scrapes,but he comes bouncing back,btw Puffy is a lovely name

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Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!! Puffy is LUCKY!!!!!!!! I am so glad she didn't get hurt!!!! That was a long ways down!!!! How do they do that anyway? If I fell that far, I would be splatted on the floor!!! :laughing:
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lol! I'm glad Puffy's okay, but it's pretty funny, just the timing of it and all! lol!
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I have a loft condo, too, and the crazy cats are always "walking the tightrope", the bannister that goes up the stairs and wraps around the whole front of the loft.

Winnie has plummeted once, hitting the bannister on the way down before landing on the stairs. She was quite shaken up and actually let me hug her for several minutes before regaining her dignity with a bored-looking paw lick.

Clementine just about fell yesterday... she was trying to stand sideways (perpendicular to the railing) with all 4 feet in the same spot, when she lost her footing. She put 10 nice deep scratches in the varnish, but I grabbed her just in time.

Goose is the one who is always seen up there, and she has never fallen in my presence, but who knows what goes on when we're not there.

Cats are from another planet and don't subscribe to our silly beliefs about physics and gravity. They just do things their own way and try to ignore our crazy ideas. That's my theory, anyway.

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When I lived in Downtown Portland, we were in a security building, on the 3rd floor.

Cagney somehow pushed the screen out of the window ...and fell 3 floors down to the sidewalk below!
I was in the other room when this happened, so I have no idea if she hit the awning on the way dowm, fell straight down, or flew down on her angel wings.

All I know is when I saw the window and realized she was gone I ran downstairs and outside to find her crouched under a parked car, unbroken, with only a skinned chin!

They are amazing...aren't they?

I'm glad your Puffy is unharmed!
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