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Sick Cat

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About four days ago, I switched all three of my cats to a new food (mixing it with their old food for now). Since then, one of them, Esmeralda, has been vomiting, and now today has diarrhea as well... I know these things can be caused by a change in diet, but, what really concerns me is that she is not throwing up food, but a clear bile, and the diarrhea is very bloody and has what appears to be a white mucousy substance in it... is there any way that a change in diet could be responsible, considering this, or does the presence of blood and whatever the white mucous is mean that the problem must be something else, and it's just a coincidence that it's onset occurred around the same time I changed the food? Regardless, I am going to take her to the vet tomorrow, but I just want to get an idea of whether this might be the result of changing her diet, or whether I should definitely expect it to be something more serious. Thanks very much.
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I would be pushing fluids on her for right now, just let her gut rest. If you can get pedialyte and give her some of that, this would be good. The vet is a good call, it doesn't sound like diet to me- she would be throwing up the food if she was sensitive to it- not usually bile-
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Blood is never a good sign. It isn't the end of the world, however if she has large amounts of blood and a loose stool, then I would heavily suggest a vet visit soon.

If she is the only one of the kitties with this symptom, I wouldn't blame it completely on the diet change.

There was probably an underlying condition already present, and the diet change was just the final straw.

Please try to get some fluids into this kitty, and give your vet a call ASAP. If the vet says bring the kitty in, do it Also, remember to ask if he wants a sample. (a little gross I know, but if it helps the vet diagnose the problem faster, then she will get better faster )

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