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High School Reunions

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My 30th is coming up soon. I am just curious what you all think about HS Reunions- so I created this poll

edited to change the year
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Definitely not! I hated High school, couldn't wait to get out. I will NEVER go back. I think there are 2 people total that I would even mildly care about seeing. YUCK!
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Originally Posted by hissy
My 20th is coming up soon. I am just curious what you all think about HS Reunions- so I created this poll
20th? I graduated, in 1975 therefore, my 30th is coming up. Haven't been to any of the others and don't plan to attend the next one. I didn't particularly like those people, 29 years ago and I probably won't like them, now.
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Woohoo! I'm going back to Minnesota in less than two weeks to attend my 45th high school reunion! First one I will have attended. I haven't seen my best friend from high school nor most of my other friends since we graduated in 1959. Since that is half way across the country from where I now live, it just was never convenient to go to any of the previous ones. My late husband was not interested either, as he wasn't from there, but now that I'm alone so have only myself to think about.

I've been back in touch with my high school best friend, now living in Arizona, in the past week and just last night she sent me a copy of our sixth grade class picture.

Now realize that I came from a small town, small school. Graduating class of - get this - 22 students! Which is quite a different picture from those of you who came from classes of hundreds. Also, I'm not really just going back for the class reunion. I'm going to see my brothers and sisters, none of whom I've seen in 12-14 years! But I would never have timed a trip to Minnesota in July were it not for the centennial celebration in my little home town and the all-school reunion.
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Thanks Cindy- I had the wrong number there- it is the 30th
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Originally Posted by hissy
Thanks Cindy- I had the wrong number there- it is the 30th
I THOUGHT that you and I were around the same age. I've heard of being "left back" but, 10 years IS a bit much!
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My 10 years is this year - I have absolutely no interest in attending, I hated my high school - a bunch of snobby rich girls who gave me a hard time whenever they could. No thanks!
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Hey! I am withdrawing from coffee- give me a break!

About my high school experience I was a teacher's aid for three years, and a nurd. I spent more time in the library or involved with Campus Crusade for Christ than I did anywhere else. I was even secretary/treasurer of B.R.A.I.N.S. Biological Research and Investigation into Natural Sciences.........
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It's my 30 yr too
I loved my teachers/classes in HS but hated everything else. I have 2 friends from HS that I am close to, one my goddaughter's mom in NJ, who I see all the time. The second, my first boyfriend, who also turned out to be gay...Ha ha! He lives in NYC and I'll see him this weekend for Gay Pride Friday night. Too many bad memories surround my HS years, I would rather:

Walk on a hot bed of coals.
Sleep on a bed of nails.
Dance naked on the A Train.
Eat chitterlings, everyday for the rest of my life.
Have a yeast infection and athletes foot at the same time.

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I would stick my head in a public toilet and flush it 3 times rather than go to a high school reunion.
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I would handle a rattlesnake, before I'd go to a high school reunion!

Your move.
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I attended my 25th in 2001. It wasn't particularly well attended, but I did enjoy one aspect of it. I lived in a really small town. We actually only had a school that went through grade 8, so we went to high school in the next town. Out of the 86 of us in my town's part of the graduating class, a good number attended the 25th high school reunion. Even if we weren't friends back then, we all had a kind of a common bond that evening. The 10 year reunion was a lot about impressing everyone with your job or spouse or kids. At 25 years, the ones who were there trying to recapture some lost high school glory stuck out like sore thumbs. The rest of us 40-somethings were just chilling and looking back with a neat degree of nostalgia.
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I wouldn't have been interested at 10 years or even at 20, even if it had been realistic to consider the trip (3,000 miles). At 30 years I might have done it, all other things being equal. And this year is 40 for me -- where do the years go??? If I were going east, and knew of a reunion happening, I'd try to work it in, though I still wouldn't make a special trip.

I'm out of touch with all but one of my HS friends, with whom I reconnected about 12 years ago. She's still in contact with some of the others and a couple of favourite teachers. I think at this point in my life I could go with a proper sense of nostalgia.
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High school was miserable. I was the biggest girl in my class (at a size 12 pants mind you ), so I was the horridly obese girl as far as they were concerned and they let me know it too. Highschool kids must have been alot nicer and more pleasant years ago. I've been out 3 years and the idea of that place and those people still makes me nauseaus.
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Never! I hated highschool, it was definetly the worst days of my life.

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I could care less what everyone is doing. I never went to one and prolly never will. Had my 20th 3 yrs ago.
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It's been 14 years since I graduated high school. Yes, I'm still a young'n. I didn't want to attend my 5 year because it was just too soon. I planned on the 10 year reunion but I completely forgot about it. I do wonder who became successful and who didn't...especially the ones who thought they were "something" back then.
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I doubt that I would ever attend a HS reunion, I simply have no reason to.

I had maybe 5 friends, none of which lasted more than a year afterwards.

Out of a graduating class of 800....5 'friends' is probably indicator enough of how much I enjoyed High School.

Maybe at 50...I'll go, just to prove I'm still alive. LOL!!

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My 10 year is coming up next year. Most of the people in my class (77 of us) vanished & I haven't seen any of them since the day we graduated. I really don't have any friends still from high school & come to think of it, I didn't have many friends in my own class. I'll probably go just to see how much everyone has changed. Hopefully I'll have someone to go with or it could be a very long evening!
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There have been three reunions that I know about. I haven't attended any of them. I was not treated very nice by the rich kids, and have no desire to see them.
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I've not been in touch with anyone from highschool, except my sister. I didn't have a terrible experience, but neither was it my glory years. But I could use the liposuction. (Just kidding, not sure if liposuction is safe. It's surgery! )
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I wouldn't attend my HS Reunion either. Its not like I hated school or anything but being a kind of a nerd I really didn't fit in.
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I finished HS in 1992 - and I dont believe we had a 10 year reunion - but I would CERTAINLY go to one if it was organised. I LOVED HS!!!! I had some of my best years there!!!
I am still best friends with 2 people from HS and keep in touch with a handful more!!

Alot of my teachers never thought I would amount to anything - I guess looking back I can see why - they even told my parents that I wouldnt get very far in life My bestfriend and I played up SOOOO much!!! (one teacher many years later told me that we were the worst students she had ever encountered ) but gosh it was fun...

anyway I would love to go back to see what everyone is like and to catch up with them

- and hope to see those teachers that said those things about me and flash my "I am an architect badge - I earn $X amount a year - my husband is extremley successful" haha - it would be priceless
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I've been out for ten years. I went to my five year and that is more than enough to last me the rest of my life. I didn't like those people in high school so I doubt I'll like them now. I do still have some friends from high school but even they have gone a little nutty since then.

Of course, we had our five year at a bar and someone got thrown throught the downstairs window by the time my friends and I got there and then they turned off the tab. Then I had to deal with some old class mates being convienced that I didn't got to school with them. Needless to say I'd have to be either drunk, off my rocker, or crazy to want to go to another one.
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I've only been out for 2 years. I know, I'm a youngin'. That's ok though. I think I'll go to most of my reuniouns. There were only 30 people in my graduating class and we all were pretty close. One of the nice things about having a small class. I think it will be nice to catch up in about 8 years.
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Hey everyone should go, I was one of the ones everbody kinda looked down on
because "they thought they had money" after HS they had to go work like
everybody else. They changed!
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Even tho I only live 3 miles from where I grew up, I have absolutely no contact with the people I went to school with. Nor do I wish to. In my school, status counted for everything and parents put themselves in the poor house to make sure their kids had the right tags on their jeans and sneakers. Yet, there was also a blue collar crowd who's highests goal every month was to make sure their mortgage was paid and their kids ate. And their kids were shunned. Even tho my family wasn't part of that crowd, we were brought up with their values. We didn't die if our jeans said Wrangler instead of Calvin Klein. My first car was handed down from my mom, not bought off the showroom floor for my 17th birthday.

I went to my 5th reunion and they weren't friendly then. Why should I pay $200 each to go see people I don't like?

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First let me say that my experiences in high school were very positive.

I wouldn't want to go to high school reunions mainly because I HATE to look back -I'm the type of person who likes to move on.

Another reason is that I KNOW 99% of my class are married and have kids so if I went, I would feel like a BIG ODD BALL since I'm single and have no kids still AND I probably am the only one from Utah who lives out EAST! I've missed the 5th, 10th, and 15th high school reunions so far!

Another reason is that I live out of state and I REFUSE to fly in just for a reunion!

I do wonder about some of my old friends so it'd be neat to find out what have happened to them but I am not curious enough to go to a reunion for that! LOL.
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Because of bussing and a family move I went to three different high schools (two in Charolotte, NC - one in Lansing, MI). All three had 30 year reunions last year but I didn't attend any of them - simply not interested.

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I went to my 10 yr and it was a nightmare. I grew up in a VERY small town and everyone knew everyone. We all grew up together and I was one of those kids who was popular in all circles, but not one of the "in" crowd. I was friends with the "in" crowd, the stoners, the nerds, the jocks, you name it. So I figured going back would be fun. But I was wrong What I found was that so many of them (and it was class of only about 200 people) were just horribly judgmental. I was skinny and pretty in high school and well...now I'm not! Nor was I at my 10 year reunion. One girl even said, "Wow...I remember I was so jealous of you in high school. You were so pretty back then. What happened?" Yeah. Nice, eh?

However, I think if I feel better about myself by the time my 30th comes around I will attend. I would hope that by then people would have got over themselves and more of them will be bald and overweight and wrinkled, too
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