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Help Me

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Please anyone My wonderful husband brought a kitten home the other day and I know nothing about how to do anything for her(he said it was a her anyhow I can't even tell that) I NEED to know what age the kitty needs to be to get her first set of shots and if they are indoor what shots do they need I haven't got much money but want her to get proper care Please any suggestions of any kind would be appriciated I have never owned a cat!
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Welcome to TCS.

Firstly, do you know how old this kitten is? She will need to be vaccinated at 8 weeks. These are temporary vaccinations only and another set of vaccinations will be required when the kitten is 12 weeks old, followed by a final booster at 16 weeks of age. Adult cats should be vaccinated every year to maintain immunity.
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The website www.kitten-rescue.com is based around orphaned and abandoned kittens but will give you lots of good information on how to care for your new kitten. It's best for her to be given a check-up by a vet and they will tell you which vaccinations she needs.
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I'm sure you have lots of questions about caring for her so feel free to ask and we will do our best to answer them.
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Thank you for your help I was told that she is 8 weeks so I guess I better get on it Thanks again!
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