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Dog Raw Hide for Cats?

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My cat Clarence (2 yrs old) is an incessant licker and biter. When I pet him for more than a couple of minutes he has to groom me too which can include biting my fingers. Thus far I've not been letting him bite me and when it seems like he's going to I take my hand away and stop petting him until he calms down. This is not a behavior I want to encourage as Clarence does this with company as well. He really never chews on anything else... no plastic bags, no cardboard boxes... it's kinda strange for a cat that seems to like to chew his siblings and mommy.

A long time ago I had bought raw hides for him and I was wondering if it's ok to redirect his biting and chewing to a raw hide?
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Monica, if he likes it, the rawhide sounds like a good idea. You can also redirect his licking and biting onto a stuffed toy if he starts on you.
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There is a company called Petstages which has come out with toys that include teething rings for cats They are catnip based as I recall, and are available at Petsmart and I'm sure, other pet stores.

I've given up re-directing our Misty..she's just got the roughest tongue and is most insistent when she decides our hands or fingers need washing!
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I use rawhide chews with my kittens, just be sure the chews are made in the U.S.
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Thanks for the tips! I recently threw out the information on these raw hides so I don't know where they were made... but I can get new ones and I like these Petstages toys too.
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