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george throwing up...

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Hi there,
poor george has been throwing up since Friday night! He seems fine othewise, a little weak, but sill himself...

My husband took him to the vet first thing saturday morning...they drew blood, checked him over, took xrays, the works. So far they could not find anything-we are waiting to get the test results today.

They did give him a special wet food, I guess that is kind of bland...we gave him a teaspoon last night- and he kept it down! This morning I gave him a teaspoon, which he did not even finish, and then just threw up again!

what else should we and the vet be looking for here- iam getting worried about my little guy?

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Shannon, there are so many things that can cause vomiting and weakness in a cat. Hopefully the bloods and other tests the vet did will give a definitive diagnosis. In the mean-time, you could try feeding him a little kitten glop. It's nutritious and tasty. The recipe is here. Also, if he seems dehydrated, you can give him some Pedialyte or a home-made version, which you'll find the recipe for on the same page.

Good luck with George, I hope he's feeling better soon.
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Get well soon, George! Please keep us posted, Shannon!
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sending *healthy vibes* to George!!! I hope all is well - I am sure your vet is during the right tests - good luck with the results
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hi there,
just wanted to give you an update on george. So, we took him to the vet saturday mornign, they ran all the ncessary tests...we went back on sunday as he was still throwing up, and we started to notice hair and what look like some blood. They took more xrays, saw nothing, except that he is gasy and backed up, as he has not pooped since friday! they said his blood work looked good, excpet his white blood cell count was a bit high, but not conclusive of anything.

they gave him antibotics,some pepcid for his tummy and some fluids so he would not get dehydrated. he came home yesterday and just slept all day. i napped with him,if i moved off the bed he would get up-so I just stayed in bed with him. he did throw up last night a few times...

he slept with us through the night, and i just gave him a tiny bit of the food the vet gave us-- we are now waiting to see how he does...i am working from home as I could not bear to leave him, even though my husband works from home!

iam worried about him, and just wish they could figure out what is wrong with hime, iam sure we will be back at the vet today...

and my mother's cay ashes who i have mentioend here before is now missing

rough weekend for the kitties in our family!

thanks for all your well wishes!

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Shannon, I'm sorry about your stressful weekend and that George is still not feeling well. You're such a dedicated Mommy to stay home to care for him during this illness. I'm sure you will contact your vet today, please let us know what you learn. I'm sure your vet will want to be sure he doisn't become dehydrated due to the frequent vomitting. Please let us know how he is able to tolerate the food he ate. Get well, George!
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we just thad to leave george at the hospital...they dont know what is wrong with him...he will be there most of the week getting fluids,antibotics,etc... i can not believe i just left my little guy there- he is goign to be so scared...

they said if this does not work, then they will try an ultrasound and then exploratory surgery--but there is no guarantee...

i feel horrible, because it is not about the money,but in a sense it is, how much do we keep paying, how much to we put him through, and he still may not be okay, and we may never know what is wrong with him

we are just devasted right now, i dont know how we could ever make such a decision and I can not go through another loss...
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I am so sorry to hear about George - he is certainly in my thoughts and I pray for good news with all the test results

we are just devasted right now, i dont know how we could ever make such a decision and I can not go through another loss...
take a deep breath - you dont need to make any decision like that right now - dont think about that - lets wait until you hear back from the vet - get all the information you can - once you get the results let us know and if you have any questions there are loads of people here that can help...

Chin up george needs him mum right now to be brave - gosh I know its hard - really I do - but lets see what the results are

sending lots of healing vibes your way
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Shannon I am so sorry that George is so poorly. Sending healing vibes over and praying that the vet finds out what is wrong soon and that he will get better very quickly.
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Shannon, I'm so sorry George is not yet feeling better. You sound so upset, It's so very difficult seeing our babies sick and not being able to fix them. It must have been so hard for you to leave him. George is in the best hands and they are providing him with what he needs to get well. Danielle is right, George needs his Mommy to be strong for him, as he will immediately pick up on your feelings. Will the vet allow you to leave a worn article of your clothing with him for comfort? I am praying for George that he will promptly return to perfect health. We are here when you need us anytime! Please keep us updated on George's progress.
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Sounds like "poor george" needs a new vet, quickly. Your current vet has done (what appears to be) numerous x-rays and blood work (let's hope a full chemistry profile) and is prescribing based on hunches per your description.

No movement in 3 days is bad, if your current vet is not going to be proactive with this now then you need to find another vet that will. A good vet WILL find the problem, no time for taking deep breathes, just act.

For a guess, this could be an intestinal blockage not showing up in x-ray.
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Take an old tee shirt of yours and throw it on and then go for a bike ride, a brisk walk of do something that will make you really sweat. Then take off the damp shirt, plop it into a zip loc bag and take it to the vet. Put the shirt in the cage with George, it will comfort him to have your scent nearby.

I hope they find out what is causing George's problem- if nothing is developing by tomorrow you might ask your vet to phone a specialist and do a teleconference call- with the help of the internet, they can share notes, and lab results, etc- and it won't be as expensive as a real visit to another vet-

Good luck, I am thinking good thoughts here-
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Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to give you a George update! He is home- yeah! feeling much better, not throwing up, tired, but more himself. The vet is not sure what it was-- but we are slowly introducing food back to him and he is doign well.

My only concern now is that he has no pooped since last Friday! The vet said he should now that he is home- and said if he did not by Friday to let her know! It makes senst hat he had not since he had not been eating, but we started introducing food yesterday--so I was kind of hoping he would poop soon.

Are there any natural safe remedies for cats to help them along in this area???

Thanks so much to all of you for your healing vibes, advice and good thoughts for george and I- it is so good to know you are all here!

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I am so gload to hear that George is home and doing great! I do not know of any products but I am sure that some one here does. Did you ask you vet if they knew of any products?
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