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I like, chocolate, Pizza(olives and mushrooms YUMMY!), pecan pie, peanut butter toast, ice cream, any type of chicken or turkey, salads, frosted flakes, corn, green beans, potatoes, and fish (NOT long Johns though! :LOL:!)
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Dodo, one of my biggest complaints here in west Kentucky is that the fruit all tastes like cardboard! As I was growing up in Florida, there was so much wonderful fruit...and when I visited Jamaica a couple of years ago I was in heaven the whole time because the fruit was soooooooo yummy. But, back here in Kentucky I don't even buy fruit any more because I know it will have no flavor. Sigh!

Oooooh...I forgot cajun food when I was giving my favorites before. I had a roommate from Louisiana who got me hooked on her wonderful cajun food. Also, low country cuisine (South Carolina) is way yummy. Shrimp and grits in tasso gravy is an all time favorite!

Mmmmmmm...I'm getting hungry!
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Thank-you everyone
I also Love choclate too
As well i like:

Ice Cream( Strawberry is my favourite)
Dairylea Sandwichs
Fish Fingers and Chips
Red Apples
Any kinds of Cheese
Walkers Crisps
and Biscuits:pinky:

Love From Jenna
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Kittylove, what are dairylea sandwiches?
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My favorite food is chocolate, spaghetti, pizza, soda, and icecream!

Also I like anything that can be called dessert.
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My favorite foods are as followed:

1. Anything Italian, Spaghetti, Pizza, etc.
2. Soul Food, Greens Yams, Chitterlings, etc.
3. Fast Food Big Macs, cheese burgers, fries, etc.

And a lot of other foods, that was just the gist of what I like.
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