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What's your favourite Food?

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My favourite food is a Happy Meal from McDonlds
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Well, I don't think I have any one favorite, but here is a list of some of my fave's.
Turkey dinners ( the Thanksgiving kind ), Raviolis, lasagna, BBQ'd burgers, Pizza, anything w/ chicken, French Fries!!!
I love to eat, can you tell???????????????????????????????? I really have to control myself or I'd be a blimp!!:tounge2:
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Spaghetti!!!! I eat it at least 5 times a week. Wayne thinks I'm a but I just can't get enough. At least it doesn't cost too much . I especially love it with graded mozzarella cheese on it! Yummy!!
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My favorite food is shrimp. Next is chocolate almond ice cream. Green salads with fat free Italian dressing. Oat nut bread. Almost all fruit. M&M cookies and Quaker Oat cereal bars. Is that enough? Of course I like lots of foods but these are some of my favorite.
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Let's see, I like meatloaf and mashed potatoes, Mexican food, Ben and Jerry's Triple Carmel Chunk Ice Cream.
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Mmmmmm....any Ben and Jerry's ice cream! :icecream: Also, just about any curry dish, mexican food, hot and spicy food...it isn't hot enough unless there are tears in my eyes and steam coming out of my ears!
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FOOD: I love food...

My fav's, Pizza (of course), mashed potatoes and gravy, any kind real or instant it doesn't matter. Chocolate. I call it a food :LOL: I love a lot of food, but those are on the top of the list.
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Just about any steak, just about any type of ice cream, crab, lobster, shrimp. One of my least favorite foods is chicken, and it seems like that's all we eat here in my family since it's my husband's favorite.
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my favorite food without a doubt, is watermelon! I could eat it for every meal! If only it were nutritionally complete...some of my other faves are super hot nachos with jalapeno peppers and sour cream and I am totally addicted to Pepsi! Of course, growing up with a Fisherman for a dad has made me partial to Lobster and Fish too I was lucky enough to eat lobster three or four times a week!!
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Hi sweetheart,

As you know I love bubble and squeek with vegy sausage's,umm what else,I love marmalade on toast for breakfast with a milk coffee

My favourite dessert is strawberry flavoured Angel Delight

lots of love

Mum :daisy: :pinky:
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Oh what a wonderful thread!!!

Some of my favorites:

Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut
Crab legs
Long John Silvers Fish
Taco John's Seirra Tacos (beef)
My homemade beef/chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes
Kit Kats
Chicken fried steak, with gravey
Cantonese pan fried noodles (chinese take out)
Prime rib (med. rare)
T-bone (med. rare)
Village Inn hamburgers
Cheddar cheese balls
popcorn with lots of butter

I could go on and on, because I know I am forgetting several of my favorites, but those are the ones that come to mind.
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sub sandwiches, preferably from Port of Subs, Blimpie's or Subway
french fries
soda pop
bannana splits/ strawberry sundae from Dairy Queen
terriyaki chicken
bagel, preferably chocolate chip
bagel sandwiches from bagel shop

I have so many different foods that I like! :tounge2:
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Generally speaking, my favorite food during the last half of the month is whatever I can get!

However, during the first half of the month my favorite food can be any of the following:

Chinese food, any kind;
Mexican food, any kind;
Steak, any kind;
Fish, any kind;
Chicken, dark meat only please.

Vegetables are nice, but they don't count as actual food unless meat is present. The same goes for fruit, only more so. I do love orange juice, however.

Luxury food: fresh salmon, provided by my angler-friend Chris Kidd.

Life-saver food: pasta or popcorn (cheap and filling).


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I love lots of kinds of food and a lot of any of them. Especially now, when I seem to eat 5-6 meals a day and I'm always hungry.

Some favorite dishes:

double cheese pizza

pasta with cream based sauces

ice cream (Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Daaz)

Danish pastry kind cakes

Good quality English sausages

Humous and Tehina (when made properly it is absolutely heavenly!)

fresh vegetable salad with olive oil and lemon dressing

nuts of all kinds (roasted)

Fresh Bourekas (local pastry)

Chinese or Thai noodles dishes


The list could just go on and on and on!
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Im a pasta and rice freak!! I LOVE Spaghetti Bolognese,lasagne, chilli, and ALL Indian meals!! - Especially creamy chicken korma..mmmmmm my mouth is watering as we speak....
But Aristocat!!- a lady after my own heart - ANGEL DELIGHT!!!!! Oh yum yum yum yum yum.... I also LOVE chinese food, the octopus is yummy!! (though I did'nt know it was Octopus when I was eating it!!)

One of my favorite quick snack sandwich's is turkey (proper meat not tukey ham..) with a huge helping of Branston pickle!! yum yum...

Talking of food I was looking on a site thismorning that said Americans eat "Pork brains"!!???? Is this true? are they what I think they are?!!! Sounds gross to me - but hey, each to their own!! :laughing2

Ps, OMG!!! how did I forget: CHOCOLATE!!!!????!!!! YUMMMMMMMMY
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After reading everyone else's posts I just remembered....I LOVE:
Chinese, Mexican, and shellfish. I could live on Shrimp, lobster, and clams!!!
I think I Love all food the more I think of it. I come from an all Italian family and eating is just par for the course.
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My favorite foods would have to be shrimp, lobster, crab, any kind of pasta dish, and chocolate cake...actually anything chocolate is great!! There are more, but these top the list.
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My favorite foods are Gumbo and Pizza.

And chocolate
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Food....I just love food....I love salads and I love pork and I love chinese and indian food and well basically anything goes with me as long as it is not fresh tomatoes or bananas....but I think my all time fav food is Japanese - sushi and shashimi I just llluuurrvveee it
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Originally posted by BodLover

Talking of food I was looking on a site thismorning that said Americans eat "Pork brains"!!???? Is this true? are they what I think they are?!!! Sounds gross to me - but hey, each to their own!! :laughing2

Bodlover....yes some Americans actually do eat pork brains, and it IS what you think they are!!! :laughing: I have tasted them, once, and they were mushy, and gross, so I don't know how anyone could eat them...just the thought of it makes my stomache turn, but I eat a couple of things, that I just LOVE that makes some of my friends totally disgusted, like for example, I like cow tounge, cooked and sliced and served on toast....and no I am not joking!
And the other thing I really LOVE that some people think is disgusting is Rocky Mountain Oysters....breaded and deep fat fried, they are delicious! ( I just don't think about what they actually are, when I am eating them! ) In case you don't know what those are....ummmmm, how can I say it, they are...I don't know how to say it without saying it, so maybe I better not...I don't want to offend anyone.

Joe....I too only eat the dark meat of chicken, I hate the white meat...it is so dry!
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Yes, Bodlover, people in America do eat pork brains- and other organ meats that I don't even like to think about. My husband is cajun, and typically, will eat almost anything- just make a gravy and cook it up. Not me, though, I am solid German descent and prefer things I can recognize! Just give me a good sauerbraten, or saurkraut and porkchops and I'm a happy camper!
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Rocky Mountain Oysters are, to put it as delicately as possible... a male sheep or goats (I forget which) testicles.

My favorite foods would have to be steak, Cobb salad, and almost any fresh fruit.
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I thought they were a bulls?
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Food !!!!! I especially liked your list Debby the only things I would add, at the top, is HOT Mexican and Chocolate.
But everyones lists are great!!!
I don't remember seeing one of my other favs though - Peanut Butter/Banana Sandwitch!!

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I am very finicky about food ! I don't like the way most people cook... I love my food cooked with olive oil/quality butter.

I like vegetables the most. Artichoke, leak, brocoli, green fava beans (which are very rare here in USA), celery ( the rooty one ), spinach & eggplant are my favorites !

I like chocolate but not all chocolate; the bitter it is the more I like. I love Nutella; I think they put something habit forming to it, cause I have friends who consume Nutella as much as I do ! My favorite ice cream is Godiva Belgian Dark Chocolate. I love turtle cheesecake & most desserts made with milk (mostly Turkish recipes).

I looove yogurt & ayran (Turkish yogurt + water + salt well shaken)!

I love grilled fish; sorry guys but fish in USA aren't as delicious as they are in Turkey I love calamari (also better in TR).

I love Chicken Flautas (Mexican) with verde sauce & most Italian dishes ( not the ones in Olive Garden ).

I love clementines & pomegranate.

Most vegetables/fruits look enourmously beautiful in USA but they are extremely tasteles
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Dodo raises a good point, in that way too much food here in the U.S.A. lacks flavor. I've lived in the U.S.A. all my life, apart from time overseas in military service; and I must say the rise of yuppiedom has seen a decrease in food flavor nationwide. Just as the baby-boomer yuppies like bland colors (various shades of gray) and bland music (John Williams, Vivaldi), so too do they seem to crave bland food. Even many ready-made store-bought food products, which tasted great 30 years ago, now feature changed recipes and hence boring eating experiences.

To all the "health nuts" out there: I'm sorry, but I like fried food and I detest anything prepared in a micro-wave oven; neither do I appreciate all these "safe" cooking oils used by food-product manufacturers in their efforts to avoid cholesterol-related lawsuits. What, do the yuppies think wimpy recipies guarantee everlasting life? Food is supposed to taste good! I want the flavor back!

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Mr Cat, I agree with you there. Everything I eat should be oily/buttery I love the "butter lovers" pop corn. Rice pilaf isn't rice pilaf if it's not cooked with butter (and if it's not jasmine rice also ). Vegetables should be cooked with enough oil. I like half & half for a cup of milk. I love yogurt with the most fat in it. I even eat butter alone occasionally .. I don't think that food cooked with little/no oil tastes good.

And yet I am 5" 6' & weigh 115 lb; no cholesterol or LDL etc. True for my family in TR also; they eat everything oily/buttery ,yet they aren't overweight. I think it's in our genes

Mediteranian kitchen uses olive oil a lot yet people have longer lives... Our bodies need fat for cellular activites (our brain for exp). And unsaturated fat (oil) is actually good for health..

Mr Cat, what's yuppiedom ??
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Here's my definition of "yuppiedom." When Ronald Reagan became President of the United States in 1980, the so-called "baby boomers" — people born during the post-war period of 1946 through, say, 1954 or so — were coming of age vis a vis financial power. Many of them bought into the new "me generation" philosophy of abject selfishness which the new federal administration promoted. At that time, a term was coined for those me-generation baby boomers who held so-called "professional" jobs in cities: young urban professionals, or "yuppies." An entire code of conduct, dress, food, music, pastimes, et cetera, grew up around the yuppies. All things yuppie are thus often referred to as "yuppiedom."

The entire matter of political correctness, or behavior based upon dogma, has as its origins the self-righteousness of yuppiedom. The media of communication and academe are the two major establishments which promote political correctness, infused as they are with yuppies from the baby-boomer "me" generation. My dislike of yuppiedom has its origin in the Viet Nam War: The vast majority of yuppies were raised in middle-class households and thus escaped military service during that war, the burden of sacrifice falling on the working class. Even to this day, the yuppies refuse to visit that awful inequity; and they're still more than willing to send others to fight wars which inevitably provide financial reward to those who stay home: the middle-class yuppies, once again.

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Gees Debby!! Im sorry love - but thats GROSS!!!! All I can say is EEEWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! :laughing:
(No offence meant love!!)

And Rocky Mountain "OYSTERS"!!???!!!! You should've been on "Fear factor" when they had to eat just plain boiled bulls testicles!! You'd have won!! ha ha ha ha..

Hmmm the most adventurous thing I've eaten is octopus, and a garlic snail (still in its shell!) I guess I've got a long way to go to catch up with you guys!! (Thanks Cleo and AP for the eloquent descriptions!! :laughing2 )

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Mr.Cat, you say that gray is abundant because the yuppies like that. And I thought all the cars were gray for several years because all the car companies had gotten a great deal on gray paint. :laughing:

but I agree I like to be able to taste my food.

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