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Weird Cat Behavior

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Ok, we have two cats; they're both indoors. One of them (tigger) has been acting a little strange lately. He's been meowing for no reason, and trying to escape outside. It all started when he ran outside to chase another cat. They ran across the street, and were fighting iguess. They were hissing at eachother. I picked tigger up and put him back in the house. Now, ever since, hes been trying to escape from the house. Whenever the door is open he'll run for it. He never use to do this. In fact, it seemed as if he was a little scared to go outside whenever we brought him out for some fresh air. Anyways, is this a case of cat "love" or is something else wrong? He seems to act a lot differently now. Thanks.

btw: He's about 5 years old, is declawed in the front, and is a Maine Coon.
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Sounds like a territorial issue to me. I'd say he considers the property in front of your house his property, regardless of whether he is normally allowed out or not. And if he thinks there might be a foreigner trying to claim it, he wants to go out and mark it as HIS! Might another cat have sprayed out there and he occasionally gets a whiff of it and so wants to go do his own marking?

My cats are allowed out in the daytime, but not at night. And, of course, if I see another cat go through the yard, I would never allow my cats out even in daytime, as I know a fight would ensue. But if Red Cat sees another cat from any of the windows, he goes absolutely wild. He dashes from window to window, meowing loudly. He goes to the door and tries to reach the doorknob to let himself out. (Thankfully, he isn't quite tall enough.) And you should see all the battle scars from the fights he has been in when he was out! Some cats are very territorial!
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is he neutered? was the other cat a female? My first guess is that he's smelling some cat thats in heat, and maybe the cat across the street was in heat. If the cat across the street is a male, then they might have been fighting for "ownership" over the female. Thats just one theory though
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Yes, he's neutered. Im not sure if the other cat was a female, I was in the neighbors driveway and didnt want to stay too long :P, I was also a little scared because he could have gotten hit by a car or something :/ -- Also, the other cat in the house is a female, and she's neutered also. Also about the territorial thing, maybe your right. Tigger is pretty territorial about things, but I dont know. Have any suggestions on how to get him to act normal again or do you think it will just take some time? Thx for the replies!
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I would block off access to the window, and keep your cat indoors. I know sometimes easier said than done, but with no claws his only weapon are his teeth and he could get a disease easily if he bit a cat infected with something
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