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I Need Help With A New Kitty

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I just received what is said to be a 12 week old male kitten and he is very inactive and wants to sleep all of the time, he is also very skinny, should i be concerned?!?!?! My next question is before I got him I had a 14 week old female and she keeps walking up to him biting him for no reason any suggestions on how to get this to stop?
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The first thing to do with this little boy is take him to the vet. A kitten does tend to sleep a lot but should also have many bouts of playfulness and activity throughout the day. There are many things that could be going on with him but my guess would be fleas, worms or anaemia. You can feed him kitten glop which is nutritious and yummy. The recipe is here. Because he may be ill, it's important to keep both kittens separated until you find out if he is healthy from the vet. As for the biting, she may be trying to let him know that she is the dominant kitten. Play-biting is also an invitation to play in kittens.
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I would just like to second the thought to keep the two cats separated until after the vet visit- fleas would be my first guess as to what might be wrong, or ticks-
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thanks for the info, but the place I got him from said he just was dewormed, and she gave him a dose of advantage for fleas, it just seems all he wants to do is eat and then go back to sleep, not playful at all, do u think it could just be the new environment. I am just really worried because he is so skinny. He was just at the vet before I got him and checked out healthy. Thanks for the input
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I'll move this to Health & Nutrition where you can get more help.
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I'm not sure where you got this little one from but some places tell you a lot of things just to get the sale. Any good vet would not see this thin, lethargic kitten and say he was healthy. He needs another vet visit (if indeed he had an initial one) for a check-up and full evaluation as he sounds quite ill.
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I agree, at this age you could lose him in quickly. A 12 week old kitten wants to play not sleep-
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