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Update on Rescue Dog Left Behind

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As many of you know, when I read the original thread I cried and called Rene who in turn called the groups she knows in New York. Well, Donna just called me to tell me that Rene called her this morning and told Donna to call me and tell me that the rescue dog has been rescued himself. I understand that they consider humans first, but these dogs are loyal to their owners and I think their owners should help them when the need arises. They are also living, breathing creatures. Thanks Rene for helping this poor baby. My husband took me out to dinner last night because he couldn't stand to see me so upset and told me at dinner that if anyone could help the pupper, Rene was the one. Thanks a million Rene and Donna for calling me and telling me the great news.

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Oh I am so glad to here this news! I just came out of the lunch room here at work. I had told some of the girls about the story and how I wish I new what had happened. Thanks for giving us this news!
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Hearing about that poor dog had been bothering me ever since I read it. As a reasonable person, I knew that rescuing people was supposed to be more important, but they were right there and could have found a way to take the dog. That is the only good news I have heard in days. I took a trip to Jacksonville, NC, home of Camp Lejuene, the biggest Marine base on the east coast. I lived there for 5 years and still have friends there. It was weird because it was so NORMAL! The friends we saw said the only real difference was the return of the "meat tag". For those of you not familiar with this, it is a tattoo done on the rib cage that has name, social security number, blood type, branch of service, and religion. Used in identification of bodies or medical treatment, in the "new" military, no one expected to need one. I hope desperately that no one really needs one now. Oops! I'm rambling!
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I am soooo very releived. I was so upset about the first post that I couldn't even read what others wrote in response. Thanks so much for updating us. Does Rene know whether the dog is injured?
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Oh Frannie, you have helped make my Tuesday so much better!! Like I said in my original post, ever since I heard this story air on Sunday, all I could do was fell angry that they did not pull this talented animal to safety.

I was talking with my husband's grandparents last night. They both recently completed a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training for our church neighborhood at the firestation. Russ' grandpa was so LIVID when he heard this story!! Even though they teach them in CERT that, yes..humans are first priority, he felt the same as me because the truth of the matter is is that they are just no pulling people out alive and they had every right to have pulled the dog out at that time while he was still alive with his partner in the rubble!!!!

I was thinking all day yesterday about how there should be some type of organization that goes into these disaster situations and focuses on non-humans since the main rescue people cannot do so. So, needless to say, I was extatic to hear the news you received from Rene! I hope the news programs do a follow-up story!

Thanks again for making the end of my day a lot nicer!
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Rene contacted some people in NY and found out the dog was rescued and has been placed in a foster home for the time being. Not alot has been said about it on the news because of all the other stuff going on. But I did read that Drew Barrymore made a sizable donation to the rescue of animals and I also know that stars like Mary Tyler Moore and Betty White are also involved.

I actually saw the dog being rescued on a news clip this afternoon.
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do you know if they mentioned how the dogs health was, etc? How did it look??
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I am so glad to read this thread!!!! I was so sad about that poor dog!!! And Frannie, you are not only blessed to have such great friends as Donna, Rene, and Sandie, but also to have such a sweet wonderful hubby, to take you out to dinner, because he couldn't stand to see how upset you were about this!!!!!!! WOW!!!
And I never cared much for Drew Barrymore, but she has gone WAY up in my book, now!!!
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The dog looked fine.
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Thank you!!! You made my day!
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That's great!!!

Thanks for the update
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