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Does Franz "know" Maddie is Blind?

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Just an out of curiosity question. Maddie has one eye...removed, due to infection, months before I got her, her remaining eye has poor vision. Maddie is 1years of age, about 5 lbs, here 1 month. Franz, was here before, 3 months, is about17 lbs and around 8 yrs old. Maddie is all kitten like, and can drive Franz a bit nuts with her kitten antics, but he take it all in stride, 99% of the time...even when he gets annoyed, it's just a simple bat on her head, or a walk away. He does like to play though, when he is in the mood. The question..yes, there is one..lol. Do you think Franz senses Maddie's "disability" and that is why he is patient/gentle with her or is strictly his demeanor, or a combination. Guess this this is a form of the age old question, nature, or nurture? Or am I giving more itelligence to Franz than what is due him!!!
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Barbara, I think it's a combination of the two. As well as having a gentle nature, Franz will realise Maddie has poor vision and, if you watch closely, may do things to help her around the house. Does she follow right behind him sometimes? Does he use lots of vocalisations or purring with her? These things (and others) will be little things Franz does to help Maddie out.
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Hummm, I have to watch more closely. Franz...does not "say" much...as per his part Maine Coon heritage. Only saw him help her around the house once, when I demanded she mop the floor, he filled the bucket! All kidding aside, I will observe the little things now that you mention it, and THANKS!
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Nothing like a Maine Coon tail to help mop the floor!
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I find this quite an interesting question.
As we all know - cats are intellegent far above what many people give them credit for.
I believe that it could be that Franz does know Maddie has an eye problem.
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I have a friend who is blind and her cat knew for sure. She would know exactly where to stand and the little imp of a kittie used to hide right by the side of her, and my friend would be shouting her and Susie never let on. But if she wanted a treat from the cupboard she would go and scratch the cupboard and then go to my friend and lick her hand. Then stand well clear to give her servant a clear path to the cupboard. She never ran in front of
her like most cats do, never crossed her feet, and always ran off the stairs if she was about to come up or down the stairs. I have to stride over all four of mine everywhere I go and then they follow. I am sure both cats and dogs know if a person or another animal cannot see.
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Originally Posted by Mom of Franz
Franz...does not "say" much...as per his part Maine Coon heritage.
I thought maine coon's were supposed to be vocal? When I started looking up the breed after getting Grissom, that's what a lot of websites said.
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Amber...I read in ASPCA and I think Cat Fancy and maybe the breed section on TCS... communicate by Trilling and Chirping..which I have never heard him do. He only meows, when he's stressed, or a short meow, when I am preparing dinner too slowly. He is a Maine Coon Mix, so maybe thats why, no chirps and trills. Maddie is a plain Jane Mackeral/spotted tabby, I think I've heard her meow twice in just over a month.
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