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I have just ordered some catnip to be sent over from www.catnipetc.com

apparently the catnip we get here in australia is not good quality - so I decided to give these guys a go and ordered some for myself and a friend

fingers crossed they like it. I do understand that some cats are not fussed by it at all - but its worth a try
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JC doesn't react to dried catnip at all, and only certain "fresh" catnip plants (we've tried several). However, he freaks out when exposed to valerian root. I've read that it's a question of genetics.
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Hmmm....Huggles, mine are the same!!! I've tried so many different varieties of catnip and catnip-filled toys....but they don't seem to be interested.
I also heard that the stuff we have here in Oz isnt the same quality as overseas!
Can you let me know how your cats go with this catnip that you are getting from the U.S???? It may definately be worth a try.....
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When I buy the kid and the half-kid a toy...... It already has catnip in it because in some way I am scared of buying catnip by itself so, it has to already be in something.
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Hey Kasey,

I will let you know as soon as I get it - should be here in a week or so - fingers crossed!!!
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I just ordered the Chinese Take-out box of catnip from there Thursday night! Hope our babies love it!
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I ordered kitty grass from catnipetc.com and they had given me a free sample of catnip to sample. Charlotte wents nutts over the package as I opened it. She could smell the catnip and just went into a wild frenzy over it. Hope your cat likes it.
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Sierra has always enjoyed catnip, but wow, this catnip from catnipetc is amazing! She has gone nuts! She's never reacted this strongly to catnip! She loves it! She loved all over her new toy, then rolled over rabbit kicking it. She grabbed one of the little bags of catnip, chewed a hole in it and started eating the catnip, then she writhed all over the floor! Hurray for Catnipetc for helping me make my baby so happy!
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wow!!! I am so excited then!! oh I hope they like it
where is that package!! I want it now *taps fingers on the desk*
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It's so hard waiting for a package for your babies, isn't it!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
It's so hard waiting for a package for your babies, isn't it!
hahaha YES IT IS!!! and I must admit - patience is not one of my strong points
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