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I think this is a behavior.

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Is this considered behavior??

My cat was checked by a vet yesterday. She is lactating, nesting, super lovey, won't leave my sight, and cleaning herself all the time. The vet however didn't feel any kittens. No xrays, or ultrasounds were done because she is a mobile vet. She can do them though, and also does surgeries. She has an agreement with a local vet, so she can use his building for certain proceedures. She felt MyRage's tummy about 3 or 4 times. She said she felt no babies. (I said that already, didn't I?)

Well, I checked her over last night, like usual, and it seemed like she might be trying to dialate. Her little (forgot the name of it again) thingy, seemed like it was more open than before. There wasn't any discharge. Is it common for cats who have a false pregnancy, to try to deliver? My vet said to call her if she does try.

I felt so bad for her when the vet was feeling her tummy. MyRage is a usually loving, friendly cat. While she was being felt, she tried everything to get away, she wiggled, pushed, pulled, clawed my shoulder, trying to get away from the vet. SHe never held still long enough for her to really get a good feel. She never hissed, scratched, or bit the vet though.

So another question, if anyone knows. What actually causes a false pregnancy? Do they actually get mated? She said it wasn't very common for false pregnancies because cats get pregnant so easy. Is there anything to do to promote her to stop thinking she's having babies? In my dream last night, she had three babies. A little tortie like herself, A little tabby like one of the males that were chasing her. And a little grey, like the other male that was chasing her. They were all so cute, and she was so proud of herself. Then the alarm went off and woke me up. So then, since the vet felt no babies, I am assuming that if she did actually deliver one, it would be too small to survive? I was so back and fourth on the matter, I am glad to finally have the vets opinion. I'm really happy that was the diagnosis, for her. I don't want to loose her. She's the sweetest.

she's still acting like she is going to have babies. I feel so bad for her. Will she be sad when she doesn't?

Well thanks for reading. Even links to prior posts, or websites with info would be appreciated. I've been looking up the subject, but haven't had much luck.
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I'm confused, you said in your post in the breeders forum that the vet said she was definitely not pregnant although you're asking about her possibly delivering a small kitten.

As for the pesudopregnancy, I can only repeat what I wrote in your first thread:

There is not much information around on pseudopregnancy in cats but I can tell you what I know. The signs are weight gain, enlarged abdomen, nipples enlarging and pinking up and nesting behaviour. Usually, there is no milk in the nipples and no kittens can be felt, even though the uterus is enlarged.

Your MyRage is unusual in that she is lactating and her vulva is enlarging but if the vet said it was a false pregnancy, then I would tend to go with that. Yes, a female cat must mate in order to begin a pseudopregnancy. If she didn't mate, she would just go through the usual heat cycle. I think the best way for her to recover from this is to have her spayed. Her hormonal rushes would subside and she will be much happier.

She won't be saddened by not delivering kittens because she doesn't know what is happening to her, she's just following her instincts.

Good luck with her, it sounds like you are both anxious at the moment.
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One of the best links about this is here:


I would seriously consider getting this female spayed if it were me. If her mother instincts are that strong, then adopt a young kitten from the humane society and they can grow up together, mother and son or daughter-
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The vet said she felt no babies. She said that she thought is was a false pregnancy. She also did say that if there were a kitten in there it would be very very small, since she didn't feel one. I'm not expecting her to deliver a small kitten, I was just curious if something else were to happen, if that would be the case. I have so much love inside of me, I could have a small zoo, and have enough love for all the animals. Perhaps not time, but the love is there. I am too compasianent(sp?) with animals, I worry too much, I just wind myself up really easily. So IF she were too, I just want to know that the chances of survival would be prettymuch zero. Just in case. I was basicly taught to expect the worst, hope for the best. So worst case scenereo: She delievered, and the kittens died, cuz she was too into following me. OR She delivers one kitten, and it doesn't survive. Best case scenereo: She comes out of this, goes back to normal. And she gets fixed soon afterwards.

She never seemed to have a strong mothering instinct before this. Is kneeding your humans everytime they lay down a mothering insticnt? lol.

Thankyou guys. I just have a lot of things I don't understand, and would like to understand. I appreciate the help

today she is doing good, just really really whiny. She threw a fit when we were in the shower, so I had to open the curtain, so she could see us, then she was okay. lol
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