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Maddie: "I Didn't Inhale Mom"

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Brought home a new pot of cat grass last night from Petco. Watered it and placed it between the two "dining areas." Now the pot is about 4.5 inches tall and about 4 inches wide; the grass is about 4 inches high now. Saw Maddie sniffing it out..all 5 lbs of her. Didn't really pay much attention to it all until a few minutes later when I spied Maddie WALKING AROUNG THE APT WITH HER MOUTH AROUND A HUGE CLUMP OF GRASS IN HER MOUTH AND THE WHOLE POT ATTACHED TO IT. She was just wandering around trying to figure out where to hide it I guess, just like her toys. I could not stop laughing, she looked so serious and intent in her mission. Why didn't I have my camera?

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That is so funny! I can just imagine little Maddie walking around with it Don't you know you are supposed to walk around with the camera around your neck at all time
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Cute Maddie. She will prbably do it again Barbara so get the camera ready
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she was probably thinking - ssshhhh do it quick and Mum will NEVER know
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OMG , that is to funny . To bad you did not had a camera , but to read it was good for a great laugh
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Oh, the visual is just too funny!

So, was Maddie hiding it from Franz or from Mom??
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I can just picture that!
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Personally...I think she was redecorating, with that serious look on her mug. She must be watching those home decorating shows while I'm at work. Or she's bucking for Martha Stewart's old job!
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That's hillarious! I just know Maddie was so cute!
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that's hilarious.
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That is hilarious.
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Barbara thats so funny, i would have loved to have seen her.

I agree with Ann, keep the camera ready in case of a repeat performance
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