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The Gmail craze!

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Have you seen this? Google started the beta version of their new Gmail with the 1 giga storage space. You can start your account only if you get an invite from an exisiting Gmail user. The invites are auctioned on ebay for up to $15 per invite! And there are special forums set up just for people who are looking for invites and those who want to barter theirs.

Not every Gmail user can send out invites - your cpanel on Gmail lets you know if you have invites to spare and how many. How that is decided - only the Google gods know

Check out this website of Gmail barter offers. This is really funny -

Oh, and yes, I have thecatsite - at - Gmail.com
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How incredible. Whatever next?
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That's really interesting. I sure hope these people get their invites!
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If any of you would like a Gmail address, I know I have at least one invite.
PM me if you're interested!

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Originally Posted by Cilla
How incredible. Whatever next?
I second that question
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My friend got an invite this week...it's interesting
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