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new here and need help

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hello, i'm bridget. i just moved in with my dad and a couple of days ago a wonderful thing happened for me and my girls, a kitty about 6-9 months old showed up at the front door. i think someone just dumped him and i have no idea why, he is so sweet and loveable. he does tend to drool when he gets loved but i dont really see that as a problem. well, yesterday he started walking funny, kind of a squat. he keeps his hind legs tucked under and just uses from his "knees" down, with his tail straight up. nothing else has changed, he's eating fine, still as loveable and i gave him a good once over and found no wounds or swelling anywhere. i did find one tick just above the knee and removed it. as i said i just moved and dont have money for a vet and really dont know where a good one is here. a friend of mine from back home(who has 7)seems to think he may be constipated or hurt hisself jumping and will be fine in a couple of days. i did notice the day he came i saw a tick on the skin part of his butt but i didnt know how he would react to a stranger pulling around back there and i also got him a flea collar the day before he acted this way. he seems to like us and we like him. we've even named him jax after a neighboring city back home in florida. i see this as a chance that he found a family to love him and i know nothing of his history as this may be why they didnt want him anymore. if anyone knows anything of this PLEASE let me know. thank you
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Welcome to the site...I would really recommend getting him checked over by a vet....since he found you...you won't know if he has been vaccinated or neutered...both of which I recommend. The vet can also address your concern listed above.

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Please get this cat to a vet, and take off his flea collar now. He could have lyme disease, the tick and the paralysis is worrying, he could also be toxic from the flea collar- they are really worthless and harm more pets then they help. I know that you say you have no money, but you need to scrape up some and get this cat to a vet and get him checked quickly.
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It is so lovely of you to take Jax in. Please find a way to get him to the vet as quickly as possible, and let us know how you get on.
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Please get him to the vet for an exam!! If he is in fact sick or injured, waiting will only allow him to get sicker, thus costing you more money and making it harder to get him better! Part of choosing to rescue an animal is becoming responsible to it's health.
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he is just fine now. i did take off the collar. as this all occured over the weekend he is going to the vet this week. thank you for the advice and concern for his welfare. the next day after i posted he was back to normal jumping in everyone's lap and hungry as ever. i just thought i would let everyone know. he was able to extend his legs it was as if he just pulled a muscle and couldnt completely put full weight into walking. that is what threw me off because it wasnt like a paralysis where he couldnt extend them but as i said to see him today you would never know he had a problem a couple of days ago. i know now there are ppl with advice and knowledge and a genuine love for cats. if i have any cat questions i know where to go. thank you from all of us. i also forgot to mention, he's not drooling so much anymore.
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So glad to hear that Jax is better. It must have been the collar. Good Luck.
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I merged your threads so people know what happened to Jax.
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