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Loss Of Friend

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I lost my best Friend on August 15th. 2001. He had been with me for 13 years. He was a unique individual. I think his mother was an Owl. For a cat he had the largest eyes. They looked like round marbles. He weighted 20 pounds & in a month he lost down to 16lbs. Then in 2 weeks he weighted 14lbs. He died of Liver cancer. He suffered so much the last few days. He was at our Vets clinic. And I received the call saying there was no hope for him. He was an inside kitty. Always there waiting to be loved on. I miss him so much. I have other Kitties but the void is great. My daughter lost her 20 year old cat the week before. And I have another Kitty with cancer of the bowels. He is 15 years old. God Bless the Beast & the Children & the USA
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Us Cats, without you having to lose a source of comfort such as a cat of such courage like he was could give you. Right now words of comfort seem so inadequate, I could say how sorry I am, but that word kind of hangs there empty sort of. I know he was a wonderful friend to you, and you are a special sort of animal caretaker because of his age. Bless you as the tears fall as you grieve for him. His suffering is over, and yours has begun. May you find comfort in friends, in sharing, in venting. That is what this board was created for so we could all try and work through the path of grief.
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Us Cats, I am so sorry for the loss of your baby...I know words don't express the feelings you have right now - nor do they express what we feel for you at a time like this.... Please try and take comfort in your other kitties and remember your dear friend as he was and how much joy & love he gave you, as Hissy said - his pain is over now, Im sure he is enjoying the best of health at the bridge with all the other fur 's to take care of him...

Lots of love and hugs hun..

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Please accept my sympathy on the loss of your beloved kitty.
It is never easy to say goodbye to the ones we love - especially those with 4 feet. They always give us unconditional love.
I am thinking of you.
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I know what you mean. On 7/20/01 I lost my best friend. Sam was a beautiful Siamese that was 13 years old. His kidneys failed and the last week was awful. He was losing weight and couldn't jump atop the cedar-chest any longer. God I miss him!
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my kitty had cancer of the bowels but was not finished by the cancer but by a vicious dog attack.

Jack the cat
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How horrible. And so sad for you. Its hard enough to lose them due to an illness but worse to a dog. Where I live there are large dogs running loose all the time. No leash law. So, I keep the kitties in all the time. They have been in so long now they would be lost if they went out. I am truely sorry for your loss and the way it happened. Prayers
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