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New kitty on the block (and human too!)

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Dear all,

Being scared of cats my entire life, I crossed path with a two-and-half-week-old last Sunday and her voice touched something inside me. Ever since then I've googled and read just about everthing one can learn about cats from the internet. I came across this wonderful community and upon reading some of the posts in the forum I've decided that we'd be happy to be a part of it. So here we are, a converted, totally devoted human aunt to orphan kitten "Hi! Mimi."

You can check out "HMM" at our webpage. Like I said, HMM is two and half going on three (and four and so on). She's one sweet fur ball with expressive baby blue eyes and very gentle character. Everyday she grows a little bit; from crawling around, learning to feed from bottle, to learn to use potty pan and now almost jumping around. I bath her once every two to three days, clean her with flea comb and spend hours petting and cheering on her especially during her post-meal potty time. She spends nights in a cardboard box, and days in her nursery, which is a futon sofa covered with comforter. She doesn't know how to play with balls or strings, so usually she naps alone or sctaches and bites gently with my hands.

My immediate questions are concerns with neutering and shots. Could someone be kind enough to give us a general idea of how much shots and also neutering my kitten would cost in Southern Jersey? Or anywhere in U.S? How can I find a reputable vet? We are under very limited budget but I want to make sure all the necessary medical steps are taken so HMM would be healthy and happy.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you for taking your time!


Gingita from PHL
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gingita..welcome to the site. Here is a list of low cost spay/neuter clinics in New Jersey.

New Jersey Dept of Health & Senior Services
Pet Overpopulation Control Fund
PO Box 360
Trenton, NJ 08625
When and if state funds are available, spay/neuter surgery is very low cost for pets of people with low income. Check the web site for more information about eligibility requirements and/or call by phone. Many veterinary clinics around the state are participating.
Monmouth County SPCA Spay/Neuter Clinic
260 Wall Street
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Low cost spay/neuter, vaccines, and flea products.

East Coast New Jersey Spay Clinic

Animal Welfare Association
Voorhees NJ
Low cost s/n for ferals and pets.

People for Animals
Hillside, NJ

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Welcome to the site and the wonderful world of cats
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Welcom to TCS, Gingita and HMM! So happy you've joined us!
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Welcome to TCS to you Gingita and to HMM. It's wonderful that this tiny baby is going to help you overcome your fear of cats.
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I am so glad you have taken this little girl into your homes welcome to the world of kittens
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Welcome to TCS! If you need any help navigating the boards, please let me know! Have fun!
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Welcome to the site! How wonderful of you to take this little baby into your heart and home. Kitties have a way of making converts out of anyone the decide they want to love them.
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than you katie this is very helpful! gingita
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Being a new kitten owner myself, I share your concern about the price of shots and fixing. My best advice is to call several vets and check their rates. I live in Nebraska and found that there is a HUGE difference between the price of services depending on what vet you talk to. Here the price of shots range from $5 to $14 for a single rabies dose and $7.50-$17 for distemper. The difference may not seem like much, but bear in mind your kitten will have to go in for more than one round of shots. Spaying is from $60-$115.

The vet I go to offers reduced prices for people with a limited income. I've also noticed that some places will give discounts on services like spaying if you go to them for all your kitten's shots. The age when vets will spay/neuter kittens also varies. In addition a thing to check is the price of an exam, and whether or not there are service fees. One place I called charges 10 dollars for just walking in the door! Believe me it makes a big difference. The amount of money I'm going to be spending on my kittens was cut in half just be checking around!

Talking to the vet offices can also give you a feel for the enviornment. My first choice on paper, definetly went out the window once I actually spoke to them.

Enjoy your kitten! If you think she's fun now, just wait until she's old enough to play. My two kittens are eleven weeks old and they're an endless source of entertainment.

If I can be of any more help feel free to PM me.
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I just got a 12 old totally black cat named Stealth. He spends most of his time walking across my keyboard when im trying to type. but he reacts very well to a bit of (ahem) passive smoking
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cooljinx..welcome to TCS!! AWWW...I absolutely love when people adopt older cats.

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