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Vacations and Kitties

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Have any of you ever taken your kitties on vacations with you? What is the farthest you've ever traveled with your pet? We are thinking of renting a cabin for a week in August, and I want to bring my kids, but hubby doens't know how well they'll travel.........opinions please..........
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Hiring a petsitter or someone to come in and take care of your pets would be a better option. Unless they are used to traveling with you all the time, disrupting their routine is not advisable-
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Oh Hissy...........a whole week away from our babies......I of course want to do what's best for them, but I'll miss them so much........
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The farthest I've taken my kitties is to the vet, three miles. They are both so tormented by that trip that there is no way I'd want to take them further if I didn't absolutely have to.
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Some Vets keep cats for you, but I'm concerned about having them boarded. this way, if no one near you wants to scoop kitty poo, you don't have too.
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Ever since I got Dylan, he has gone everywhere with me...on the airplane, in the car in my many moving vans...and he is quite the trooper.

Granted, travel can be stressful if they aren't used to it...but, if they are to be with you and can't get out...and have goodies to remind them of home it might be ok. I think there are probably a lot of factors involved(age, there travel experiences etc.)

Dylan always did very well with it though...he only hated taking the taxi to my apartment to the airport! Otherwise, he was quiet and mostly calm.

He is close to 11 now and has traveled atleast twice a year up until this summer.
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