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Tomorrow is the big day :)

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Hey furbabies! Tomorrow morning is the big day for my scheduled c-section!!! I am so freaking big like Shemu the whale at Sea World so I'm pretty ready to pop this second baby boy out LOL! Please send me lots of good vibes, prayers, positive thoughts. I'll post pics as soon as I recover and finally get my venti caramelmacchiato! Imagine 9 months of me not drinking any coffee!! YIKES!! See ya around
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Congrats to you and the new little one to be here soon I hope all goes well for you both. The furkids and I are sending major good vibes for you both
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Congratulations on the new baby!!! Definitely sending lots of positive vibes out to you.
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Congratulations to You and I hope the little one gets here soon.
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Congratulations and lots of good vibes for tomorrow.
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Wow- is the day here already? Good luck Kim- I hope everything goes smoothly.

Enjoy that coffee, too.
post #7 of 26's JellyBelly! Dang girl, you've been missed!

Congrats on the baby boy & I can't wait to see those pictures of him! I'm wishing you the very best for tomorrow's surgery & hoping you have a very speedy recovery!

Please let us know how things go....and hope you enjoy that java!
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Well congrats on the baby! We can't wait to see pictures and enjoy your caramel macchiato, you deserve it!
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OMG, I'm so excited for you. I'll be thinking and praying for you girlfriend.
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Good luck girl!!
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Good luck, gal. Make them bring you coffee, in the recovery room!
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Oooo Kim, I wish you all the best on your c-section, I remember mine too well
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Just think Kim, this time tomorrow you'll be a mommy.......congrats and good luck. Everything will be fine. Take good care and hurry back!
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She'll actually be a mommy of 2!!! Wow Kim! I can't believe it is time!! I thought it was July for some reason...anyway, I hope tomorrow is as smooth as silk! Can't wait to see the pics and of course, take it easy girl!
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Congratulations! Take care of yourself and lots of good wishes for you and your baby. I've had two c sections so I know what your going through!
Take care and I will be thinking about you! Congrats again!!
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Good luck. Hope it goes very well.
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Many prayers for you as you deliver your baby boy! Remember to take special care of yourself as you recover from your c-section. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your precious new baby!
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Good luck Jellybelly. I hope everything goes well.
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I hope everything went well and you are sleeping peacefully right now.
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Congratulations! thinking of you
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YAH mother of 2
I hope your getting a lot of much needed sleep right now and that the birth went successfully

heres hoping that mother and babies are doing GREAT!!!
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Congratulations! I hope all goes well with the C-section. (I'm sure it will) I'll send you some healing vibes!! But you have to send me some baby vibes because hubby and I are trying to have one! Again, congrats! Kiss the baby for all of us!
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Originally Posted by Jellybelly
I'll post pics as soon as I recover and finally get my venti caramelmacchiato! Imagine 9 months of me not drinking any coffee!!
Wow, you have survived the caffeine withdrawls and can still post in full sentences!! I am sending many positive vibes your way for a smooth delivery and a fast recovery.

Can't wait to see pics of the little one!

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Good luck for a happy and safe delivery, a healthy baby boy and as little pain as possible post op. Don't be brave take the post op pain pills if you need em and don't forget the gas pills!
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Hope all went well.
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Congrats!!! And dun forget the pics!
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