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If your computer crashed right now....

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what would you miss most? Certain internet sites, entertainment factor, personal information you have saved on your computer?

When we transferred from Windows 98 to XP, I lost some of my saved files that I forgot to back up. I lost a lot of recipes, contact info and my list of favourite sites.

70% of my online time is spent researching and 30% is spent on forums/instant messaging. Since I use the internet for a lot of research, I would miss the instant accessibility to info and the communication aspect the most.

But I would certainly be upset if I lost all my Nakita pics!! That reminds me, I better back them up this weekend!

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I have several computers and one I only use for backing up. I back up once a day, so I'm covered! If that one crashes, though...well...uhh...Let's just not talk about it

I do this because my partner's main computer crashed and then mine 2 days later. We lost ALL our client info and everything we'd been working on that hadn't yet been uploaded. I thought I'd die of anxiety! We had 2 very major PHP applications we were working on and when we lost the databases and everything it set us back at least 2 months of work. Now we both back up files every day automatically.
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I'd definitly miss communicating on Instant Messangers, and the TCS. I also use Email for keeping in contact with alot of my family overseas. I would also be devestated if I lost all the pics of my pets.
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I would miss my recipes, my pictures, and the internet (in general, especially sites like this one). I am an internet junkie, so about 2 days without one and I'm going through withdrawal.
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Kass, don't say that!!!!! I will die!
I will miss talking with my family and my favourite friends. But then again, I have hardly been online lately because life just takes over, you know how it is
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AHHHHH!!! My eBay auctions!!! All the pictures wouldn't show up, I'd have to use *gasp* dial up at my in-laws, it'd be a huge PITA!!! Of course I would miss you guys too....
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I'd miss most the research I have for Save Samoa and Stray Pet Advocacy. Besides that, I'd miss my favorite bookmarked websites (some I have no idea how I ran across them in the first place).
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Don't you dare scare me like that

I would miss TCS , I am a addict
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All of the work I have here!!!

Kass don't even THINK something like that!
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I would miss TCS, of course

Nothing really, all my pics are all backed up.
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i would miss thecatsite the most. all my pics etc. are backed up. and i have a 120 gb hard drive that is partitioned so if my pc crashed it would only be my main C drive.
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My job relies on computers. I have close to 400 gigs on my machine. If it crashed, it would be easy for me to fix, but just depends... on $$$
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Well... my main PC is in pieces right now... Ha! Motherboard problems though, so no data loss.

If there was a loss, I'd miss my pics, and mp3s too bc they're hard to come by nowadays.

I never really need to worry about being w/o a PC though... Nowadays there's the main PC, the new and in progress Home Theater PC, Heather's mini-laptop, the older laptop, and my Pocket PC which I'm actually using right now. I'm pretty good at this text input, but it's pretty tedious...
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PS: It's nice being able to browse the site w/ Zero cuddled up w/ me on the couch.
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When I saw this thread today, I burned a CD with every bit of everything that I couldn't bear losing.

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Life without TCS?! I couldn't survive! I would be out within the hour searching for a new computer!
When I lost everything because of that virus a little while back, I greatly missed my eBooks and my favorites list since I had many health related sites for kitties and humans saved, some of which I have never relocated. I didn't have my digital camera yet at that time so lost very few pics, but now it would be terrible to lose all the pictures I have of my baby girl! I really need to back up all of my info too!
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I would miss Paint Shop Pro the most
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Thank you for the reminder! I need to backup some stuff asap.
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What a coincidence! My hard drive crashed 2 days ago and my husband rebuilt it this morning. Luckily I have a work laptop that I can use as a backup. After rebuilding it, we lost all our favorites and our mail settings. No biggie, if we really want to go somewhere we'll rebuild the favorites over time.

But if I couldn't get online with anything, I would hate to lose e-mail and chatting.
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A fate almost worse than death right now - the European soccer championships have been broadcast for a week now (still the quarter finals), and my husband has been watching them, so I've been spending an inordinate amount of time at TCS. Two prime-time games every evening!

Seriously though, I'd mourn the loss of many photos - I guess I'd better back up my photo albums, at the very least.
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