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Ladies, I need HELP!

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Sunshine is refusing to use her litter box to poop in. She pees in it just fine, but has resorted to using my sink for pooping. I have to be honest and say that I am TOTALLY GROSSED OUT!! For the moment I have put her in the basement w/ the box and her food. I just can't handle the pooping everywhere, and I won't even get into my husbands reaction.
Just a bit of info: Not using new litter, same box, same spot, only thing different is the kittens have started to go in the same box. Is it possible she doesn't want to share???????????????????? Please help me!!!! I can't deal!!!
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I am no expert, since I just got my first cat. But lets see if I am learning. Others will either confirm or deny what I suggest.

I would think it it the fact that the kittens are now using the box. Maybe Sunshine simply does not want to share. Perhaps you need two boxes.

Other postings will say if I am on the right track.

Good luck!
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I think you are right. But the thing is I do have two litter boxes!! I have a smaller one for the kittens, but they go into hers exploring. I don't know how to separate them and still allow them to be together for nursing, etc.
I tried today to put Sunshine with her box downstairs. I'll let her up to nurse them, but then I'll put her back down there. I have had both boxes in the same area, so maybe if they are in different areas the kittens will learn which one is theirs.
My husband is sooooo upset, as I am sure you can imagine. He gets up very early for work and he doesn't want to find kitty poop in the bathroom sink when he walks in!!!! It smells soooo bad, that my whole 2nd floor needs to be aired out after. I was so upset this morning, I was gagging. Anyway, I hope that separating them will help.
wish me luck.
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Try getting a tall litter box (like the covered ones...you can leave off the lid if she doesn't like it) that the kittens can't get into. Also, keep about an inch of water in the sink...that should keep the cat away.

To be on the safe side, you might want to take her to the vet. My old cat began pooping outside the box and it turned out that she had an inflammed gastrointestinal system. Once the medical problem was treated, she used the box 100% of the time.
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I have 3 litter boxes. One for Twinkles, One for Pepper and Tigger and one for Mimi and Vader. Tigger,Vader and Pepper don't mind using it if it's dirty but the females do! Twinkles and Mimi won't go near if the Males have used it(who blames them...their in heat so their pee urine smells really harsh). We go through 2 bage of litter a week! And these are big bags! Twinkles will go outside in the garden if it's dirty, but Mimi just goes on the carpet! Good luck!
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