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Friday Daily Thread-

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How's everyones day going? What's everyone got planned for the weekend?

It's Saturday here and I'm just having a lazy morning, have just had breakfast and now cruising round TCS. I have a few cats due for a bath- really should get on with that.

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Today was my first day of vacation. I actually survived my 3 month probation at work, so I took a day off to relax! This weekend will be a mix of running errands, cleaning and shopping for some new clothes. I have lost so much weight these past few months that nothing fits me. I lost 21 pounds in less than 3 months and usually people would be happy about that. But I think I lost the weight because of the stress of the new job, so I have to get a handle on the stress factor otherwise I'll waste away to nothing!

The weather in Toronto is supposed to be absolutely beautiful, so I'm going to try to be outside as much as possible and take Nakita for extra walks.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Its Saturday morning here too - and right now I am trying to get the fire a light - I love wood fires - but they really are annoying to start sometimes (especially since I rarely do it and the husband is away )
and its FREEZING!!!! winter has certainly hit us now!!

then I think I will go see my parents - havent seen them for a while and my father called up last night wondering if I was still alive!!! (its not fathers day here tho)

Tonight I am going to a girlfriends for dinner - a couple of months a go I taught her to cook a roast - so now its her time to cook one for me should be a great night - I love girls nights

and tomorrow? whos to know - maybe curl up in bed and watch some movies - this weather doesnt make one feel to productive - although I really should do some work this weekend

have a great weekend everyone
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Work was light, for a Friday. I have been tagged, to walk the floor and assist the other reps with difficult calls. This starts, on Monday.

I got a thank-you card, from the twins, for their new swimsuits and they enclosed a new picture. As soon as I get it scanned and sized, I'll post it.

When I get home form work, I get the mail out of our box. Since I didn't bring him a handfull of bills today, Bill decided to grill a steak for me. Wait till he sees what I'm liable to bring in, tomorrow!

After six free Saturdays, I have to work tomorrow. Groceries will have to wait, until Sunday - Bill is not to be trusted, by himself.

Have a good weekend.
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It's Friday night, about 10 pm here in Ohio. I was reading your post from Austrailia. I can't imagine how it is over there. I wonder if it's like the US. Kind of funny to think it's winter there, but I do rememebr from my geography classes that you have the opposite seasons we do.

Tomorrow Jerry and I have a wedding to go too. Sunday is fathers day, but I lost my father in March 2003, so it will be somewhat of a sad day for me. I have figured something out though through all the pain. I try to celebrate the time that I did have with my father instead of the time I won't have. He was a wonderful man and I"m proud to be his daughter.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend......I have to go out sometime and get something for fathers day for Jerry from the kids......any suggestions?

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I just spend four hours updating my Website- I'd love it if you took a look! I hadn't updated it for a month so it was well in need of an update.Captivating

It's evening now, windy and rainy outside. Been on the computer pretty much all day, going to have a lazy night tonight. Watching TV. Probably be pretty much the same tomorrow, but with alot of studying.
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Had the vet out today as Travler quit eating a few days ago. He had to have his teeth floated, and the vet gave him a pretty powerful sedative. Thankfully with my wonderful strong hubby helping, we managed to keep him on his feet, while the vet filed down his teeth and extracted his wolf teeth. The vet strapped this appartatus on Trav that cranked open his mouth- Trav didn't much like it, but the work had to be done. I got to watch as the vet filed down the points, and then after it was over, Trav was put in his stall for 45 minutes to come out of the tranqulizer. Poor horse was sweating bullets! I was concerned and called the vet who assured me that this was a normal reaction for a horse being given the drugs he got.

Tonight, Trav's mouth is sore, but he is eating some and the vet said he would be sore for a few days.

Starlight has been really hot and lying under the bed most of the day. It was 93 degrees here today and I wished that the vet who first say starlight had shaved more of him than he did. Poor kitty- but it is cooler downstairs than upstairs and tonight it is supposed to rain-
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
It's Friday night, about 10 pm here in Ohio. I was reading your post from Austrailia. I can't imagine how it is over there. I wonder if it's like the US. Kind of funny to think it's winter there, but I do rememebr from my geography classes that you have the opposite seasons we do.
I lived in the US for 18 months or so about 10 years ago - to be honest there are alot of similarities between the 2 countries - but then again they are completely different. lol if that makes any sense at all
and yes opposite seasons & obviously different timezones - right now you are most likely sound asleep and here its late afternoon and I am getting ready to go out for the evening...
so therefore if you ever want to know what a day is going to be like - give one of us a shout - we have already been through it
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I'm up with you , Danielle! That's so bizarre to think that your weather is freezing today! It was in the upper 90's here today and extremely humid! It's a 3:45 AM here and once again I'm working the night shift. The night has gone by quite quickly thus far. Only a little over an hour to go! My sweet girl will be waiting to greet me at the doorwhen I get home!
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great to see Stephanie - but surely you are tucked up in bed now since you wrote this 5 hours ago - its 12.13am here - so early sunday morning - just been out for dinner with a girlfriend and she gave me a present for Tipsy & Cedar - they are SOOOOOOOOOO spoilt!!! Cedar is presently walking around quite proudly with his new mouse toy in his mouth!!

bet Sierra was happy to have you home
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Sierra greeted me at the door with lots of love telling me all about her night! glad Cedar likes his new toy and that you have had a lovely evening. On the way to bed now! Stay warm!
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and kisses for Sierra on her nose
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