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Hi Guys!

Haven't done this for awhile but I'm wondering if I could please ask for some calming vibes for this week- We have exams! We have them for all subjects apart from Social Studies, and they're two hours each. So that's Maths,English,Enterprise Studies,Computers,French and Science! This weekend I'm staying at home to study study study! First time in my life I've ever had exams so it's a bit nerve wracking. Thanks!

Also an update on my friend Brooke, the one with cancer. She's going up to Starship Childrens Hospital in Auckland(That's 9 hours away), and she's getting a Bone Marrow transplant, I think. She's doing really well at the moment and she has a head of nice thick hair. She's only 15 and has been through so much, so young.

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I used to be paranoid about trying to remember everything for an exam, that I couldn't eat or sleep. The easiest thing for me was to make short notes on each topic chapter focussing only on the main points, with specific examples. Then I would only study from my notes and usually that helped in reducing the amount of info I had to read through and actually made it managable.

Good luck to you and best of health to Brooke!

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Kass, that's really helpful. Thanks for that.
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Sending good vibes your way that you do awesome on your upcoming tests! I am sure you will, try not to let them stress you too terribly much or you will be a mess come test time. Just try and take a deep breath and relax

I am also going to say a prayer for your friend Brooke I hope the transplant is sucessfull. Please keep us updated and let us know how you do on your tests
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Good luck on your exams! I am sure you will do well, you are a smart girl!
What are enterprise studies? that certainly wasnt around when I was in high school...boy, do I feel old!

I wish Brooke all the best for her bone marrow transplant. I know that Starship is the best for kids, I used to watch the programme on tv years ago. they have wonderful people there. Do let her know that she has people pulling for her from all over the world.
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Sam--good luck in the next week, I'll be thinking about you!

As for Brooke, she will be in my thoughts and prayers!
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I will keep you and Brooke in my prayers
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Sam I'm sure you'll do great on your exams. Your friend Brooke is my prayers as she undergoes this procedure. Please let us know how it goes and how she is feeling.
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Sam I know you will do well, you a very intelligent young lady.
Brooke is in my prayers, it so sad at her age to have to go through this. But age is on her side. I won't forget her.
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good luck to both you and Brooke

I am sure Brooke is glad to have a friend like you to give her the support & love she needs at this time...

and for you - take a deep breath - remember that you know this stuff - and walk into each test with a positive attitude

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Good luck, Sam. Just two tips - many people can remember things best if they actually write them down, so recopying notes or making summaries of what you've read might help. Secondly - it takes at least 8 hours for things to go from short-term memory to long-term memory, so don't pull any "all-nighters", or try to study new material the morning of a test!

My thoughts are with Brooke. I'm happy to hear that a donor has been found, and wish her all the best! She shouldn't give up hope. I was diagnosed with acute leukemia one month after I turned 10, and my parents were told I had a maximum life expectancy of 6 weeks. My cousin developed Hodgkin's Disease a year later, and her parents were told that the situation was hopeless. Guess what - we're both 47 now! So many medical advances have been made since then that I really believe she has a "fighting chance".
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I know Brooke is really thankful for everyones good thoughts and prayers. She's the type of girl that doesn't want sympathy just wants to live life to the fullest! Thanks everyone.

Kellye, Enterprise Studies is kind of like learning how to run a business, and accounting and stuff like that. It's really fun. Profit= Revenue- Expenses.

Thanks guys! I'll be sure to let you know how I go, Thanks for all the tips as well it's really appreciated.
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Sam..... I am sure You will do well on your tests. Just believe in yourself and You will do fine. Good luck!! I believe in You Gurlie!!

I also still have Brooke in my thoughts and prayers.... And I will say a prayer for her tomorrow.
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Back when I was studying for my "A" levels, I find it useful to spot topics and questions. Take a look at the past years papers and then categorise each question under a certain topic. After that take a look at which topic had the most questions asked. My greatest success was in History. I was suppose to do 4 questions and out of the 10/12(?) choices available, I believe I spotted 8 of them. Note that this does not mean ignoring other topics. You should still be prepared to answer anything thrown at you.l Spotting of course is also useful in Univerisity to a certain extent. But for exams prior to univerisity it is the most useful since it is rather easiest to spot. However, university exams have a higher chance of it being open book, which makes preparing topics even more effective. So what type of exam is it, open or closed? Of course this is most useful for essay type exams. Do not prepare essays as a full but rather prepare the points needed for answering that particular type of question.

And second advice, if you still have time after preparing the topics, is to do a bit of research outside of the syllabus for the spotted topics. Examiners seem to get a thrill out of reading something fresh. They would think 'wow, this student is great, she not only understand what is needed but studied extra.' Or prepare a interesting argument/opinion based on the facts learnt. So that after presenting the different points taught to you, you can offer your own opinion and criticism about the situation. The examiners woulod then think 'oh my koala bear! This student could think of such a good argument in the midst of the stress of an exam. She must be brilliant. Only an "A" for her will do.'

Prepare some quotes by famous people in that particular field. I use to prepare a list of quotes and try to use at least 3 quotes per essay. Make sure they are relevant and not 'forced.'

Third advice, if possible, try to provide headlines. So if that part of the essay is talking about let us say the theory of enterprise, so you would have: Theory: Adam Smith's Invisible Hand. Underline it. It makes it easier for them to read and also it provides a guiding light throughout your essay for the examiners. Depending on how you work, just before your introduction you should have a list of things you want to talk about. It could simply be all those headlines placed together like:
1) ....
2) ....
It structure and format to your essay. But if you are the type that thinks on the spot and do not really write fast, this could be skipped. This brings me back to my point on preparing the topics. Once prepared, all you have to do is to list the topics you want to talk about, so it does not take any time and prevents you from forgeting to talk about a certain point. Remember this should not be too long. Just a brief outline of the essay. Another advantage of this, although this is dependent on examiners is that if you did not have time to complete your essay, at least the examiner would know that you know your syllabus and that only a lack of time prevented you from completing it. And furthermore, the point form pre intro sets up a positive state of mind of the examiner even before they go into the body of your paper. They might think 'hmm this person knows what she is talking about.' That may make them read your paper in a more positive light.

Good preparation for everything since the more you prepare the more luck will come to you.
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Thanks again for all the advice everyone!

I got my results back for two exams today. The papers are marked with Excellence the highest grade, Merit second highest, and Achievment and with failing as Not Achieved.

For my english exam, I got Merit. I was really happy with that!

and I got Achievment for my Enterprise Studies test. Which I was ever happier with because only 5 people(in my class of 20) actually passed the exam! I was close to Merit with that.

I don't think I'm going to pass Maths or Science though because I didn't finish the papers, they were just too hard. But definitly french and computers!(fingers crossed!)

I'll let you guys know the results of the other ones.
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oh Sam thats great news !!!! I have my fingers crossed for all the other ones as well
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Thanks Danielle!
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Sam! I just read this! First of all, I am so sorry to hear about your friend Brooke, I will send up a prayer for her...have you any news on how she is doing now? And also...I am so proud of you for doing so well so far on your exams!!!! Good job!!! I can't wait to hear how you did the rest of them! I know what you mean about math...I hate it. I have had tests every few days the past month in my two fast track classes at college. One is accounting and one is business. We do the profit thing you mentioned, revenues-expenses, except we have gotten far deeper into it than I ever cared to go...figuring depreciation and three ways to figure it...the first two ways I understood, but I had a heck of a time with the declining balance method...accumulated depreciation, depreciation expense, then the uncollectible debts, (for doubtful accounts) etc has just gotten to the point where I am sick to death of it...I have two huge tests coming up on Monday, so remember me then. This weekend will consist of mostly nothing but studying. So I do know how you feel. *sigh*
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Way to go, Sam! Great news! looking forward to the others!
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Thanks Stephanie!!

Debby, I'll definitly keep you in my thoughts on Monday. Good luck! and thanks heaps hun!
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