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To go or not to go (to the vet)

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Simon has been sneezing/coughing since this morning. At first I thought he was trying to cough up a hairball, but that's not it. It's that he's sneezing and at the same time doing something that has that same "hairball" sound to it. If anybody has kids, it sounds like when a baby has croup. (sounds like a seal barking)

How would he have picked this up? My two cats are inside only. Did I bring my poor baby the germ from outside?

He has a vet appointment tomorrow at 11:30. I'm debating whether to bring him in, but since he blocked the last time he got sick, I think I'd rather be safe than sorry. Opinions? Should I wait until after the weekend and see if it clears up or should I bring him in?

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I think it's necessary that you bring him in for piece of mind - Namely Yours!!
You are right - better safe than sorry. I am sure he'll be ok - give him plenty of hugs and kitty kisses .
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I'd repeat that - better safe than sorry!
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If you have some laxatone, try giving him a little bit, it might calm down his throat. But sneezing and coughing enough for you to notice, does warrant a vet visit. Even inside cats can get sick from airborn contaminents. I would also ask have your brought in a new plant recently? Used a new cleaning product? Changed the litter brand you use?
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Another vote for a definite vet visit here. It really does sound like something more than a hairball. Please let us know how he goes at the vet.
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I would defiitely make a visit to the vet Cheryl. Please let us know how things go.
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I also recommend a visit to the vet.

My new cat Cedar brought home some sort of virus from the shelter - and Tipsy being the nice big and older brother took it from him and has since been "ill" for weeks now.
He has been sneezing for over 3 weeks now - and no medication is working right now.
I am not trying to scare you - but my vet told me that because this wasnt tackled early its ALOT harder to treat
take him to the vet - better to be overprotective and safe I believe
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How is Simon doing? When you can, please post an update?
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