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Email plea received

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If you can help in any fashion, please PM or email me:


I am sorry and sad today to contact you for such a reason. I will soon have to find a new home for myself and i live on social security.

Peaches (my cat) would not be able to go with me even if a landlord allowed him and i could afford to feed him and give him needed veterinary check-ups.

My health is poor and he is such a beautiful and tolerant cat.

3 summers ago someone dumped him on my property along with another one. I saw them eating berries in the yard but couldn't catch them. Then one day he ran into my house and has never gone outside since.

He is healthy and has long silky peaches and cream hair with large green eyes. He tolerates my dogs which i am sending to other sanctuaries. several of them. He hides when people come in here until they leave. He's not neutered so he sprays my house all the time. The stink is so terrible.

I tried to catch him in a box once to take him to the shelter but he is a houdini and very fast.

I know you are far away but if you could take him i would try to bring him part way to meet someone. i would have to get a ride and could borrow a cage.

The shelter has since told me that they don't offer feral cats for adoption so he saved his own life twice so far. they will put him down.

I'm not really healthy enough to care for him as he uses the floor for a potty sometimes. i would like this sweet cat to be able to live with someone else. i hope you will let me know if anyone in my area could come and get him. i live north of indianapolis in lafayette, in.

I'm so glad you wonderful people work so hard for all the animals. my name is brenda if you want to contact me. i thank you for your time.

i await hopefully

yours truly,
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Hopefully Peaches will find a loving home somehow. MA, he's not a fru-fru kitty is he?
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Oh, I hope someone can provide Peaches with a wonderful home.
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I hope someone sees this who can help Peaches.
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