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MyRage's vet check up ...

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Well, the vet came today, and saw my babyRage. Diagnosis: Psudopregnancy. That's good, really good. But I wanted to see her be a mom. I also really wanted to see what her babies looked like.

She's healthy. It's a complete psudopregnancy complete with her production of milk.

thanks everyone, you've been great. I'm glad that she's healthy though. MyRage got so mad when the vet was feeling her tummy. She didn't like it at all. So if she starts a false labor, I have to call the vet.

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Awww. Well, I'm glad to hear she's ok, but sorry that you won't get to experience kittens from her. To answer the question in the other thread, three years old is not too old to have babies (definitely not!) but it's a little old to have the FIRST litter. Ideally, a queen should have her first litter somewhere between the age of one and two (depending quite a bit on the individual and on the breed) - it has to do with the growth of bone structure, and pelvis "settling". Also, if she's very small, chances are a lot higher of problems with waiting. So, all in all, this may have been a good thing.
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It is a great thing for her. I was so scared for her to actually have them. I was also glad to hear that it was a psudopregnancy, rather than just my imagination. The vet checked her abdomin 3 times because she was starting to lactate. I guess most felines don't make it this far in a false pregnancy or something. I'm really happy for her, but not me. I can't have babies myself, and was rather excited for her. I know it's selfish, but it was also an accident. And to prevent further accidents, she will be getting fixed soon. I even talked to the vet about that today.

Thankyou. I did realize later that you were referring to the first pregnancy, rather then just in general. I've been not myself lately either.
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