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I am often asked by members here if there is any way for them to help to support the site. A lot of funds and hard work goes into making this website successful, and we will always welcome any help you can offer to keep it running.


Paid Membership

You can opt to become a paying member on this site. Paying members have access to a private forum that is hidden from search engines and other uses. They also gain the ability to switch off the advertising on the site, thus speeding up surfing on the site.

Becoming a subscribed member is easy and can be done with a secure payment through paypal. You can view the details here -

Spread the Word

Help us reach as many cat lovers as possible and bring them to the website.

Here are a few ideas on how to do that -

  1. Let your friends know about TCS. Send fellow cat-lovers an email telling them about this site and encouraging them to join our forums.
  2. Connect your account here to your Facebook page, and when you post to an interesting thread, considering posting that on your Wall (once you connect your account, a checkbox appears when you post, allowing you to automatically post the thread to your Facebook wall).
  3. Please consider adding a link to TCS in your email signature.
  4. If you have a website, please link to TCS.
  5. Mention TCS in other online communities (please check the guidelines there to make sure you aren' t violating any rules). If you can, consider adding a link to TCS in your signature there.
  6. Print out our brochure - put it where other cat lovers can see it. Maybe your vet's office? the local library? the local pet store?

These are just ideas.

Whichever way you choose to help us - I thank you personally for your help!