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I have news from yoviher!

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I just recieved this PM from Victor (yoviher) and he asked me to pass it on for him:
I have news. And they are fairly good. Please pass them on to the folks of the forum as I am in a heck of a hurry right now as I will have to go out for some fathers day shopping, and I do not want to leave them in the dark as I know many of them are very concerned about this.

The doctor has virtually taken out the possibilities of a depression or other mental problem. As soon as we added up the sugar problem into the equation he says now, it is a very high chance for a hypoglicemia. Frankly what seems to have happened is that I am having a very bad hypo, and that since part of the symptoms are lack of energy, confusion, mood problems and such, I ended up in textbook symptoms of depression.

With all that lack of energy, he says, I end up struggling big time keeping up with all my chores, such as schoolwork and then I end up in a state of virtual depression. That also explains apparently, why were the ADs only making it worse and the nervous symptoms have subsided incredibly since I stopped taking Zoloft a week ago.

Now, he wants to do a final confirmation with a glucose tolerance test. Its not too appealing to be poked every hour, but my parents are dragging me to it.

I am very fine and dandy right now... a bit crappy, but much better... calm with good nerves, and all that. I am also calm as I know what is the matter truly with me and we are now truly working for it. And it isn't exactly a brain tumor... lol, its treatable.

Anyway, I want to thank everyone for their support, kindness and worrying so much on this.

And to remind you folks that I still have a darn good sense of humor, check this out that I found: http://www.absolutelyabsurdparty.ca/

Anyway, folks, I am still laughing, but I would like to remind you that it is a real political party operating in Canada! I exhort all the Canadian members to vote for them!
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Good to hear that Victor is getting to the bottom of his illness.
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Originally Posted by Kumbulu
Good to hear that Victor is getting to the bottom of his illness.
Very good methinks! Catfolks and I have been talking to him a lot on MSN the past week about the hypoglycemia/depression link and the way he's been feeling lately, so I was tickled pink to see this in my inbox!
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Great to hear! Remind Victor to ask them if they would use an IV shunt to pull the blood hourly. That way they don't have to prick him.

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*nods* yeah.. I'm happy to hear that. I was like him before I was diagnosed, and on the bad days, I still am (which is more often because as a girl I have a cycle, so...) Happy he's found the cause *sends hugs* so he can peek in when he has time.
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Cindy, thanks for passing on the news. I hope the doctors get his problem sorted out ASAP.
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Well, thanks guys I am a bit floored with this.

Cindy, thanks for passing the news on.

The doctor says I may need a mild AD if for some reason I cannot manage to fully eliminate those bad moments, but its just that... Anyway, I guess that the hearing that its hypo is more of a relief... Its obvious that having a blood sugar where you can be on the verge of passing out after eating a banana split is not good, but its easier to deal with than depression, as it is more comprehended and everyone knows about it.

Anyway, Vicky is like "Ok, I now know fully what to do when you start going screwy while with me"

I admit it, although I have had to stuff my mouth to avoid passing out 3 times today I am commiting the sin of feeling good now! I guess hearing that its most possibly hypo is a relief. And knowing that we are going to deal with it to correct it completely.

EDIT: I found out about a lab downtown that does GTT tests instead of using glucola, they serve you pancakes... yum yum. And I will try to check out that of the IV thing.... I hate needles so much I try to run away from glucometers.
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Thanks for the update Cindy. Good to hear Victor.
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