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The Price isn't Right, Bob.

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I'm taking the cats to the vet Tomorrow, and I had to get Molly's vet records because our friend lost them in the move. I figured I could get a fax of it and that would suffice. Oh no, the inquiry and the report cost 5 dollars.
I understand that those spay and Neuter clinics need every dime they can scrimp for, but 5 dollars for something it took the lady 5 seconds to do, and to get info on my OWN cat? It's absurd.

And I just found out that Molly is 2 years old.. I swear we were told she was only 1, but it's not imprtant, really.. just surprising.What's even more surprising is that the extent of her medical rcords for a 2 year old are A spay, at 2 years old which is unreasonably late, I think!!
and her shots, at 2 years old...
Thats it.. :/ That's a little upsetting I find.
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Where did you get Molly? If she was a feral or stray, the spay at 2 doesn't surprise me. Our last cat was castrated at 8. There are plenty of people who don't bother getting their pets shots (which is why the rest of us have to be so careful about infectious diseases; JC is an only cat, and only goes outside under supervision, but we've had so many FIP and FeLV deaths in the neighborhood that two vets recommended the full range of vaccinations for him). Five dollars seems a bit steep, but I imagine it's a "fixed fee" for records(perhaps intended to discourage people from switching vets?)
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I read your post and immediately thought about my latest vet visits... I don't know why I thought Amelia and Zoey were 5... but they're only 4. Maybe time isn't flying by as quickly as I think it is!

When I got Casey and Clarence from the shelter, they thought the boys were only 4 months old... turns out they were more like 5-6 months old and plenty old enough to get neutered and Feline Luekemia tested... They made me make a deposit which they never refunded me like they were supposed to when I got my cats neutered even after having been notified. I would have made a big stink about it, except the deposit amount wasn't much and I figured they could use the money.
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Molly was from our friends, she was in the first litter of kittens that Isis had, and they never managed to place her because all the people they knew lived in the same house
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