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New Person Aking If I'm Doing This Right

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Hello everyone, it' s me again, Keplite. I posted earlier regarding my new baby at home.

I'm not sure if I'm doing this right because I can't figure out how to check and see if someone responded, and if they did, what do I do?

Thanks for all your help
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Hi there! I am not sure that I have seen your original post yet, but welcome to the site You can click new posts on the top of the page and it will pull up any new posts since your last visit. It will even show who was the last person to respond. Or you can look for your post and check it out. Also, what I usually do if it is a question I have asked I will select the option for an email alert when someone responds. You can find that option when you are making a new post, before you hit submit
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Hi! You're doing fine.

I moved your thread to the Behavior Forum where people who have experience with behavioral issues will see your thread. You can check on it here: or just go to the Behavor Forum and look for it. It should be near the top of the page.
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Welcome to TCS.

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Hope you have a good time here and hope you have figured it out now.
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Just wanted to welcome you to our family, and tell you that if you need any help since this question has been answered, just let me know!
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I posted in your other thread, welcoming you!....Welcome again!
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I hope you have it all worked out now - if not I am sure Caprice & kittenkrazy will lead you in the right direction
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