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Am I feeding 5 week old orphaned kittens right?

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I have had the kittens for 8 days now and I just want to make sure I am feeding them enough or need to know if am I feeding them too much.

I am currently feeding them KMR weening formula and canned kitten food.

I was feeding them the canned with a little added water 3 x a day with formula and in between just formula (total formula about 5x a day)

The last few days I tried the canned food in the AM and evening, with formula being the same as before. The girl had a bit of diarrhea this AM and I thought maybe she's having too much formula.

But now the girl seems to be hungry more often, today she had canned food at about 6 AM and I just gave her a little more at 11 AM. She doesn't eat much at once, only a few bites at each feeding.
Is it ok to give them more of the canned food each day if they want it...I don't want to overfeed them, but I also don't want them to go hungry.

So to sum up, I guess what I am asking is how many servings of formula and canned food should they be eating. And could the girl's diarrhea be from having too much to eat (formula)

Any help would be very appreciated.
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If the kittens are younger than about four weeks, yes, it is possible to overfeed them. As you babies are now 5 weeks old, it's important to feed them as much of both the canned food and the formula as they want as they're right in the middle of weaning. The best way to ensure this is to have the canned food and water in a bowl available all the time. Also put down a small bowl of the formula three times a day for them to lap. As you have seen, they can only fit in a few bites at a time but need to eat frequnently to keep up with their energy and growth.

You are doing a great job with these babies.
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With the little girl's diarrhea, it's OK for her to still have the formula but dilute it with more water until her stools are firm again. It's fine for the little boy to lap this diluted formula too.
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Thanks so much Tania!!!
I really appreciated your imput.
I guess I'm just a worry wort, because even though I had experience with many kittens in my life, they've all had their mama with them so if they seemed hungry I would put the mama in with them.

So I'll feed those sweeties when they are hungry.
I can't get them to drink plain water, but water is mixed in with the formula and I sometimes add a little to the food. Is getting water that way ok or should I give them water from a dropper as well?

Thanks again!
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It's fine if they are only drinking the formula/water mixture at the moment. Always have a small bowl of plain water available for them anyway and as they grow, they'll need less of the formula and start drinking the plain water. No need to give water with a dropper.
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