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I miss Scotch

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I want to share some memories of Scotch ( aka Mr. Poops ). I don't know if this process

will make me feel any better, but it certainly couldn't make me feel any worse than I do right now. Almost exactly seven years ago my wife, Shannon, and I decided we wanted to bring another cat into our life. My wife already had a cat from before we met, but because she seemed to hate
all men, we never really got that close. Around here there a groups of people who rescue cats just prior to them being put to sleep. We knew that this is was the best way for us to find our new pet. We put out word that we were looking for a long haired orange cat. After 2 months and about 10 visits, we found our little guy. He wasn't a kitten, but he wasn't an adult yet either. The rescue people had named him Opie. We decided to change his name to Scotch. We knew we were getting a special cat when the woman asked if we could wait until the following day to pick him up, because her husband was cutting a business trip short so he could say good bye to Opie.
\tThings were a little difficult the first week or two between our old cat and Scotch, but over time they grew closer. Scotch quickly became a very important part of out life. Heck, having him even had a strong influence on our choice of homes. At first, we were living in a small appartment with a screened balcony. He loved being out there so much, that when we decided to buy a home I steered my wife away from condos so we could give him a yard to play in. He was declawed when we got him so we made sure the place had a fenced in back yard.
\tIt seems that the rescue people had a number of coon cats. I am told that they often eat with their paws. I think that might explain his strange habit of dipping his paws in his water before he would take a drink. My wife always kept a glass of water by the bed at night. After few time of Scotch shaking his wet paw in the middle of the night, and giving us a little shower, my wife gave in and gave him his own glass of water by the bed. The silly little buy would eat his food out of a bowl in the kitchen, and rather than drinking out out the water bowl 2 inches to the left of it, he would run into the bedroom to take a drink. It was really sad last night when I went to bed and set my glasses next to his water glass, and realized that there was no reason for it to be there any longer.
\tI spend 2-3 nights a week away from home because of work. Every night I was home, Scotch would sleep next to my pillow. When I was out of town, he would sleep on my pillow. When I go to bed, I always make sure that I squish my pillow toward the middle of the bed, so there would be
room for him. I caught myself doing it last night, but there was no familiar running sound followed by the the thud of him landing on the foot of the bed.
\tScotch was never much of a hunter like other cats. I think he caught lizzards three or four times in his life. Our older cat, who is almost 100% blind has caught more lizards than him. He liked to watch squirrels and birds, but never showed any real attempt to catch one. My wife an I often thought that he thought he was a cross between a human and a squirrel. After a while, the local wildlife figured out how docile he was, and we would often see him snoozing in the grass a feet away from our bird feeder while a handful of doves and a squirrel or two were snacking.
\tThe first thing I would do every morning is open the sliding door to the back yard, to give him some outside time before I had to leave for work. He would never just run out the door. He always walked up to the opening, arched his back, put his fluffy tail straight up in the air, and looked back at me. He would do the exact same thing when I put treats on down on the floor for him, before he started eathing them. I always took that as him saying thankyou. Whenever I come back in that sliding door, I catch myself leaving it open about four inches. Then I look back and realize that there is no longer any reason to do that. I suppose, over the years it cost us a bit of money when the AC was running, but he was worth it.
\tWhenever my wife an I would go out, and come home together, Scotch and our older cat would have a set routine when we returned. For some reason, they would both be by the door, and Scotch would lay down while the older cat cleaned his head. When I cam home yesterday. The older
cat was in the same spot, and was just sniffing around for Scotch. It was heartbreaking.
\tI usually work away from home Monday through Wednesday, but this week I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday, so I reversed my schedule, and worked from home on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday morning I was packed, and ready to head out of town. Scotch spent about an hour in the morning out in the yard. He was a good boy and came right inside when I called. I gave him some treats, and got his little thankyou look, and then I told him I would see him on Friday. I don't know why I always told him my schedule. Maybe it made just made me feel better about leaving him for days at a time. When my wife got home at 4:00, she fed the cats. When Scotch didn't come for food she went over to him and realized he couldn't move his back legs. She jumped in her car and rushed to our regular vet. He sent her to an emergency clinic. Unfortunatly, he passed away before she could get there.
\tThey tell us it was an aortic blood clot, and often times there are no symptoms leading up to it. This was the case with Scotch. I am so happy that my Tuedays doctors appointment changed my schedule and at least gave me the opportunity to say goodby to him on his last day with us.
\tIf you told me last week that a little orange furball could make a grown man cry like a baby, I would have told you that you were crazy. I also would have been very wrong. I miss you Scotch.
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I am so sorry I wish there was something I could do to take the pain away. Scotch was a very special boy, very loving and compassionate, your story was very touching. I am going to say a prayer for you and your wife that you can find comfort during this devastating time. The pain will ease with time, but Scotch is always going to hold a special place in your heart. He is watching over you each and everyday until the time comes for you to be reunited. Each time that you are reminded of him in your everyday routine try and think about that, he is there with you and he knows how very much you love and miss him.

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There are so many little reminders of him. I just went to book my travel for next week, and the site I use I had setup to ask my favorite pet's name for the login. Of course it is Scotch : (
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I'm so sorry for your loss, and it is a great loss indeed. Scotch was a very special boy, and he is at peace and playing in the grass at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for the day you will be reunited.
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I am so sorry for the heartbreak you are going through. I am glad you were able to be with Scotch to say goodbye. Scotch will never suffer again and will be playing and looking down on you with so much love. A little angel at the brdige
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My wife is so upset that she has not eaten anything in two days. I worked from home today and noticed that our other cat, Kitty, has been wandering all over the house looking for Scotch. She is blind, so she rarely wanders around that much. She didn't touch her dinner at all today. I think she now realizes that Scotch is gone. The first night he was gone, she slept the entire night in the exact spot where my wife found Scotch. I tried to pet her, but she seems to hate all men. My wife will have to give her some extra love tonight.
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I do wish I could do something to help take the pain away from you all. Kitty will have to grieve too It is good that you three have each other, to share your grief and love. You also have us here at TCS.
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What a beautiful relationship you had! You'll think about Scotch everyday for the rest of your life. Cats have a sneaky way of burrowing deep down in our souls. I think they know more about what's going on than we do. Some people would say that Scotch is still with you, at the back door or on the pillow. Some might say that he's gone on to heaven and will be waiting for you. Only you know where he might be. Just remember that it is perfectly normal to grieve for an extended period of time. The agonizing pain you and your family feel at this moment will slowly, very slowly subside. But you can take comfort in the fact that the pain will never completely go away. You'll always have that bit of Scotch deep down in your heart.
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