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Hello everyone. Just joined today..found this club while I was surfing. I chose the name KatLady because my mom always told me that when I grew up, I'd be one of those ladies with 100 cats..LOL! Well, I proved her wrong...I only have 1 cat.
Just before Christmas 2000, I had to have my cat Matty put down. She was 16 years old...I still miss her terribly. She was my first baby...before kids that is.
In April of this year, I adopted a 7 month old kitten from the SPCA. Suzi is so different than Matty was...wow! She's not the cuddling type at all...if she wants to sit with you..it has to be on her terms..LOL!
Hope to chat with you all soon!

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Hi there and welcome to Cat Site! Sorry about your loss of Matty. I also have one very loving cat named Kiki. Hope you enjoy the Cat Site as much as I do.

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Katlady is a really gret name to use here!
Welcome to TCS and please join us in all our discussions.
It is always nice to see hew members here.
MEOW TO YOU AND YOURS!!!!!!! :blossom: :egypt: :evilalien :eye&mouth :homer: :icecream: :karate: :pinky:
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Welcome to the site Katlady!! So sorry about your loss hun, we all know what its like to lose a dear furbaby....but it sounds like she had a long and happy life with you!! Suzi sounds like fun eh? I've got a "non lap cat" too but shes still as affectionate and as fun as all the rest!! I have five furballs - they all say "meeeeeewwwwww" to Suzi!!

Hope to see around here often!!

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Welcome Katlady! Glad you joined us!

Perhaps you'd like to visit the "Crossing the Bridge" forum and share some memories of your Matty?
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Welcome to the cat site, Katlady!!
Our only lap kitty left us 3 months ago. He was 17 years old. The rest of our gang (3, so far) love attention, but hate to be on our lap. It's funny how each kitty's personality is so different.
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A warm welcome to the cat site,I also have one cat called Felix,I hope you will be very happy at the cat site:blubturq:
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Welcome to you, Katlady! I am so sorry to hear about Matty.
Suzi sounds like my Merlin....he is my baby, and to me the sun sets and rises around him, but he is so picky, when he wants love...he will jump right into my lap, and ask for it...but if I try to give him love when I want to, and he is not in the mood for it...forget it....he wants love on his terms also!
Glad you have joined us!
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