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New baby at home. Some advice please

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Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and I am very anxious to chat with all the other animal lovers out there.

10 weeks and 2 days ago I lost my 20 year old siamese seal point Ming. She was my best friend, my soul mate. I miss her so much and have been devestated since. I just can't seem to pull out of this depression.

Three weeks ago, I rescued a 2 year old siamese female from the Animal Protective Foundtion. Her name is Cleo. She is a beauty and I love her dearly. She is such a good baby. She is very different from my Ming. Looks almost identical but of course there are differences. It's like going from a 20 year old adult to having a 2 year old toddler. But that's ok. I'm learning all over again. She must walk 100 miles a day. I put a window ledge up for her and she sits in it watching everything. Then she goes from room to room, window to window watching. On the bed, off the bed. She'll lay down and sprawl out to sleep, then boom off again!

I need some advice on something. Could it be that she doesn't really like me or is it that she is already used to me? When my sister or daughter come over, Cleo is on their lap, purring and rubbing. She doesn't do that with me. Yes, when I come home she runs from the window to the living room and is sitting there waiting. She meows to me and then.....off. I call her and she comes but doesn't stay. When I'm on the bed at night, she comes over to be by me but doesn't stay long. She'll lay on me but not for long. Ming was on me all the time. She layed on me or by me constantly. I know I had her 20 years and that does make a difference, but could I be doing something wrong? I want Cleo to love me very much. Is it just something that will come in time?

Please give me some advice. I'm so worried. Thank you.
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Welcome to the site! First, I'm very sorry for your loss of Ming.

The only thing I can think of is that Cleo views you more as the person she plays with, than the person she snuggles with right now. It was like that in my house - I was the snuggler and my husband was the play-er for Trent. Now that he's a little older (4 years old) and doesn't have as much kitten exuberance, Trent will snuggle with Daddy more.

I'll move this to Behavior for you.
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Perhaps it has something to do with a product you are using on your body or clothes. Maybe she doesn't like the scent of the soap, deodorant, perfume etc you are using? Do your sister and daughter use any products that Cloe would find attractive?
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Welcome to TCS! Would love to see pics of Cleo! Hope you enjoy it here!
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It's funny, my cat is like that. At first it bothered me but now I like it. He does snuggle but likes his space and every time he is in my lap I feel guilty moving him anyways, so have learned to like his on again off again thing.

I have also heard cats are often in the lap of the less interested person. Cause they do like their space so the person who adore them is in their face all the time.

Have you tried getting out the cat nip?
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Cats are so different, and Ming was certainly a special cat for you. But Cloe is not Ming, and expecting her to react the same way as Ming did won't work. Perhaps Cloe didn't get much exposure to humans in the period of time as a kitten where they should, and thus doesn't know much how to interact with you?

Siamese are beautiful and sometimes aloof creatures, give her time to warm up to you. Don't expect so much from her and sort of back off and ignore her. Cat's hate to be ignored. See to her comforts- food, water, scooping her pan, but other than that just pretend for about 2 weeks that she isn't really there. You will be surprised how fast they come around when they think we aren't paying attention.

Carry Ming in your heart and your mind always, but allow Cloe to be who she is as well and celebrate her own individual spirit.
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