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Cat eats like a human..LOL!

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Anyone else ever hear of this? My cat Suzi, 1 year old, eats with her paws...LOL! I think it's hillarious! She picks up the food with her paws and eats it , right out of her paw!
I got Suzi from the SPCA when she was about 7 months old. She was a stray. I'm wondering...was she taught to do this?
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Welcome to TCS! I have a kitty that uses her paws that way and strangely enough, she looks like a raccoon on her face anyway. When I brush her, she will also grab my hands and prevent me from brushing her. She washes her food in the dog's water bowl sometimes then looks at me amazed that her food dissolves! LOL She also loves to be in the shower with me, so go figure!
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Hissy....that is too funny, I guess you have an Oregon Coon (rather than an Main Coon) living in your house!

KatLady, one of my cats uses his paw to eat his wet food but uses his mouth for the dry food....pretty kooky!
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Katlady, Tasha, my pound kitty is also a very pawsy cat. Uses her paw (she's left pawed) to eat her canned food and also sometimes to drink (although how much water she can drink like that I DON'T know).

She will rear up on her hind legs to capture your hand and guide it to her head if she wants a pat.

She so gentle that her use of her paws in such a delicate manner just make her seem even more ladylike.

Hissy, Tasha always wants to come in the shower too!

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A cat having a shower..now that's funny! LOL! Suzi likes water as well, but has never ventured into the shower. She sit's on the sink while my husband shaves and plays in the water, tries to see where it's coming from and sometimes gets an earfull..LOL!
I am so glad I decided against having Suzi declawed...then how would she eat? LOL! I'm glad to hear my cat is normal, and that others eat with there paws too. Suzi does this with dry food, and sometimes she drops it in her water, then scoops it out and eats it. She doesn't like canned food, which worries me because I've heard that canned food is good for them. Something to do with their urinary tract?
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