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When do they start??

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I have no clue when the male cats start to spray?? Can any one help me on this one I have two male kittens just about 9-10 weeks. When should I look into having them fixed befor they spray?? Thanx soo much
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You can actually get your boys neutered right now if you wish. Some vets like to wait until the kittens are 6 months old but early neuter is good too. If a cat is going to spray (females can spray too), they will usually start anywhere from 7-12 months old.
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It is an individual cat thing really - some males don't ever spray, but a lot of them do begin as they are becoming sexually mature. I have heard that it MAY prohibit the behavior if you have them neutered BEFORE they become sexually mature. Your vet is your best counsel, but you should wait until both testicles have descended, usually by around 4-5 months.

As a side note, my stud, Tonka began spraying when my queen, Lexus had her first estrus - and boy did he hose this house!!! He was about 9 months old at the time.

Hope this helps,

Gaye Flagg
Old Style Siamese Cattery
Ashland, Va
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Until your cat is of age to be neutered, try one of the feliway plug ins. I cant get them here where I live unless I special order them off the Internet, but I hear that they work good for spraying (scratching too).
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